Friday, September 21, 2007

No Bake Chocolate Pie

as u can see, i didn't have enough patience to wait until its set.
hence it was still quite runny when i cut into it. :))

The Crusts

10 pcs Digestive Biscuits
5 tbsp of butter (melted; 30 secs in microwave)

Pound the biscuits into crumbs and melt the butter. Pour the melted butter onto the biscuits crumbs and blend/mix it until even. By now most of the crumbs should be in lumps. Pour them onto the container/pan and press them evenly. Put in the freezer while you prepare the 2nd layer - chocolate pudding.

1 - 7.2 grams of butter per pc of Digestive Biscuits. (
7.2 grams = 1/2 tablespoon)
2 - i'm using a 6x6 round container. u don't need to use a cake pan, as there will be no baking involved!

Chocolate Pudding

5 mini dark chocolate bars, break into smaller pieces
2 handfuls of chocolate chips
200 ml water + 3 tbsp of skimmed powdered milk (or fresh milk)
4 tbsp of sugar (add less/more according to taste)
3 tspn of powdered gelatin (veggie-based)
1/3 cup of hot water

Soaked the gelatin in a 1/3 cup filled of hot water and wait until it turns into jelly. Set aside. Put the milk, dark chocolate, chocolate chips, sugar into a pan and blend all these ingredients over slow fire until all the chocolate and sugar has dissolved and fully blended. Pour in the jelly when the mixture is boiling. Stir well until the jelly boils again. Pour this on top of the crusts layer. Let the Chocolate Pie cool down before storing it in the fridge. Make sure the Chocolate Pie is firm enough before serving.

1 - For the chocolate, you can use cocoa powder, or any of your favourite chocolate bars (whatever your hearts desire). I mixed my dark choc with milk choc chips to enhance the chocolatey taste.
2 - If
you're using milk chocolate bars, you don't need to add sugar.
3 - The gelatine can be substitute with custard powder or cornstarch; mixed with water before adding into the melted chocolate. These ingredients is too thicken the chocolate and making it slightly firm so that it would sit on the crusts nicely when sliced.

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