Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Personal Stylist cum Nanny


*gambar hiasan dr*

Yesterday, my dad asked me to choose a couple of neckties to go with his 2 checkered shirts. I haven't realised how important my opinions were until yesterday. I have officially become their personal stylist in some way. Every time we go shopping, I have to tell them which cloths suit them the best. And they expect me to be prompt on answering their questions. Oh my! What a tough job I have. It's easy for you to let others decide for you, but have you ever thought about how stressed and pressured the person who has to make all of the decision. Hmm.


*gambar hiasan dr*

This morning, as a nanny of baby pika (i'll be calling my niece by that name from now on); I change my 1st soiled nappy.. TODAY! Euuw! I've changed wet nappies before but never soiled ones. Oh God! The agony! The frustration! The smell of fresh poo! OMG! Usually, I'll be really lucky to get away from changing baby pika's nappy coz there'll be somebody else home. So i just shout,"Proses pemberakan telah berlaku." and someone will come and change it for me. But that didn't happen today as I was home alone with baby pika. uhukk.

It was 9.30 am, and baby pika was erm.. not crying but she looks kinda restless. I thought she was just being 'manja', so i played her a lullaby and pat her on the chest to help her sleep. But she was still restless. So what to do next? I held her up. Oh my! her diaper is way way down. It was put on too loose. I peeked inside. Erkk! I see poo! *smacks head* *scolds baby pika for pooing on my watch*

I had no choice but to change the soiled diaper. Mum will be back another hour. I don't think baby pika can wait that long. Huhu. So I prepared all the necessary stuff; cotton balls, baby wipes, tissues, a bowl of water, dustbin and a fresh diaper. i roll out the changing mat and placed baby pika on it. thinking that this might be a difficult task for a 1st timer (with no one to help me hold baby pika hand/legs), I removed all her clothing.. JUST IN CASE! I've assist my sis/mum many times in nappy changing, so i kinda know what to do.

Before i start, I stared baby pika in the eyes and told her to behave and not to wiggle to much. i took a deep breath and open her diaper slowly. to my dismay, it wasn't a small amount of poo (like normal)... it was full of it. i tried to wipe away as much as i could. but it felt like forever. baby pika wiggle a bit. she moved her leg and unfortunately one of her leg touched the poo. Noooooooooooo! *wipes poo off her leg*

i was trying to think of a shortcut and then it strucked me. "hey, last time, mum and dad went in the shower to clean baby pika. i think i should do the same", i said to myself. Hehe. So i went in the shower with baby pika, walking slowly so that nothing 'drips'. It took me awhile, coz some of the poo was erm.. quite hard. After all the poo was washed away, i took baby pika back to the changing mat, towelled baby pika until she's all dry and changed her with fresh diapers. I washed my hands and put on baby pika's cloths back on. Pheww! All done! *gives myself a pat on the back*

I think all that took me about... 10-15 minutes. Huhu.

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