Sunday, July 15, 2007

The hunt for the stroller

Yesterday, my sis, bro and I went for stroller-hunting. Our 1st destination was Suria KLCC. Had our lunch at Signature food court. Ate pizza and pasta at Pizza Milano. Yum!

After filling our tummies with good food, it was time for the hunt for the stroller. So the hunt begins. We went to Isetan, Parkson, Toycity and the last store was Mother Care. Toycity had the most choices. They had this brand called Combi. I pronounce is like a Malay would pronounce it. But its actually pronounce as Comb-bee.

Isetan and Parkson didn't had that many choices. They had only about 6 strollers, and most of them were RM1000+. Hohoho.

Next, we went to Mother Care. We always past this shop but never went inside. The moment we stepped in we were all *uhhs and aahs*. It was like we died and went to baby heaven. The baby cloths were so cute. To my amazement they had the Stokke Xplory - it was one of the stroller that I saved in my Wists. Its one of my favourites coz its so hi-tech. You can read the review here. If I had a baby, I would definitely buy it.

Cool, huh?

After that, we went to Carrefour, Wangsa Maju, to continue our stroller-hunting. We already had an eye on one particular stroller - Anakku Travel System Stroller. After we did our grocery shopping, we stopped at Anakku, and decided that it was the best stroller so far and the price was quite reasonable.
A travel system consists of a baby stroller and a companion infant car seat. The car seat can be securely attached to the stroller eliminating the need to transfer baby from his/her seat in the car to his/her seat in the stroller. Top-of-the-line car seats and strollers come as travel systems so the range of features available is extensive and requires patient shopping. There is also cross-compatability of certain strollers and car seats within a brand making for nearly limitless options. For busy parents looking to maximize what they get for their dollar, travel systems are a safe and efficient way to transport their precious cargo.

This is what my sis bought, but in blue!

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