Thursday, July 19, 2007

Double Celebration

So today's my birthday. I'm officially 25 years old. To those who are curious why my sis is standing next to me; it's because her birthday is on the 18th of July while mine is on the 19th. We are born 6 years + 1 day apart. And.. my sister is older than me.. :P

About 2 weeks ago, we ordered some cupcakes. I thought we would be ordering 1 set of cupcakes, but noooo.. my sis went 'cupcake crazy' and wanted another set. Both set are based on themes; 'Spongebob Squarepants' and the other one was 'Happy Family' (a flowery pattern). 1 set of cupcakes contains 16 pieces of cupcakes. So that makes 32 pieces of cupcakes altogether! Can finish, ah? Hmm.. I don't know.

Unfortunately the cupcakes will only arrived on the 22nd of July. Huhuhu. So have to wait for a couple more days. Will be updating the photos of the lovely cupcakes including the details later.

- There's an extra 'character' in this comic - my bro in-law.
- This comic contains hidden messages. Muahahaha.

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