Monday, July 30, 2007

Cat with gifts

This is for you, master!

Years ago, we (my bro and I) adopted a cream coloured tabby. The cat was actually our neighbours' cat. But as the cat keeps visiting us asking for food and shelter, so we decided to care for this cat. We named it Fatin a.k.a Abu Dhabi. It was a male cat. I have no idea why we name it Fatin, as Fatin was a name for females.

One fine day, Fatin came to our home with a 'present'; a dead rat. He left it on our front door. The next day, he left a dead bird. And the day after that, he gave us a dead frog.

"To show their love and their gratitude for your reciprocation, a cat will bring you gifts. Small, furry, living, squealing gifts that will, when loosed, run for cover. Cover in this instance means under your couch. The cat will beam proudly at you and expect you to retrieve the present and play with it, but not before you refill the food bowl and sift the aromatic contents of the plastic Sahara in the corner." - Bud Simpson @ [ Source ]

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