Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby 1st Words

That's me holding her. I'm not sure why she's smirking.

At 2 months she has already managed to say some gibberish. but some are really actual words, pronounce perfectly. amazing! here are some of them:-
- air
- hatchoo (she really said this. she wasn't sneezing)
- aiyaa (i'm waiting to hear her say 'aiyoyo')
- akakkk

i'm now teaching her how to say my name. well not really my name but my call-name which is Cik Su. But i think i'll teach her to say Cheesue.. 1st. altho i know that she can pronounce 'k' very well. ehehe. akakkkk.

since i'm babysitting her, i'm trying to understand the baby codes/signs she makes when she wants something. fortunately, being me; top-secret-agent-cum-CSI-cum-detective-wannabe, i managed to crack several secret baby codes.

refer below:-
1. she screams 'air' (pronounce as a-yer, same as saying water in malay)
- means she wants milk. usually when she's crying, the 1st thing i'll ask her is whether she wants 'air'. i just have to wait a few seconds to hear her say 'air' back. need to ask her a couple more times for confirmation. after the confirmation, i'll quickly make her some milk. ehhee.

2. she screams 'akakkk'
- if u think it means big sister, u're dead wrong. it means she want someone to pick her up. maybe give a nice 'dodoi' or 'shake' her.
- 'akak' also means 'angkat' (translate: pick up) in kelantan. :)

3. twist her head/body
- she's so bored laying down on the bed all day. she's starting to get bed-sore. she wants to get up! pick her up, quick!
- this is also the best time to make a 'teddy bear picnic' mini concert

4. she will do a sucking sound or suck on something
- another sign that means she wants her milk

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