Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Alfredo = Carbonara ?

When I was at Pizza Milano, Suria KLCC, yesterday I had this question. Is there a difference between Alfredo and Carbonara? The thing is, I ordered Fettuccine Carbonara, while my brother ordered Fettuccine Alfredo. I scolded my brother coz Alfredo and Carbonara taste basically the same to me. But he insisted in ordering Fettuccine Alfredo. A few minutes later, our food was ready. And it definitely looked the same! It even taste the same.

Later that night, I looked it up on the net to see whether there was a difference. There was definitely a difference based on several ingredients used in their recipes.

Ingredients used for Alfredo Sauce:
- butter
- shallots
- garlic
- single cream
- parmesan cheese

Ingredients used for Carbonara Sauce:
- olive oil
- bacon / salami slices
- egg yolks
- parmesan cheese
- cream

My Conclusions:
- Both use cream and parmesan cheese.
- Alfredo is meat free, while Carbonara contains meat.
- Alfredo uses aromatic ingredients; shallots and garlic.
- Carbonara uses egg yolks for the thickening effect.
- Alfredo sauce is usually made to drown the pasta so there'll be a bit more sauce, while Carbonara sauce is just enough to coat the pasta.

...or maybe I'm wrong? :-s

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