Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Outing (5 June 2007)

Today for the 3rd time, I 'teman' my sis to do her checkup + baby checkup at Ampang Putri Hospital. Mum and Dad came along. there were not many babies, so we didn't have to wait that long for Baby Maya's checkup. baby Maya got her Hepatitis shot and underwent other tests. she gained 0.4 kg and her head shrank from 33 cm to 25 cm. I didn't know until now about babies head shrinking when they get bigger. after the checkup baby maya went home with mum and dad. My sis and I had to stay, coz my sista's name has not been called. usually we had to wait about 2 hours coz there were so many mummies who came for checkup. Huhu. So we walked out at 10.30 a.m. to 'jln-jln cari mkn'. As it was still a lil early, the only fast food chain that we liked (that was opened) was Sushi King. This is our 2nd time dining at Sushi King, Ampang. The 1st time was before my sis gave birth and there was one staff who commented, "Wuu.. besarnye perut!! still boleh jln2 ke?". Wahahha.

As usual, my sis (who dislikes sushis but loves bento meals), ordered the set meal which is the 'fry set'. I opted for sushi. We were seating next to the conveyor belt so I could just pick what sushi I want to eat. Eehehe. Aah. I've been craving for sushi for quite awhile now. Feel so happy that I could fulfill my cravings today. I took like 7 plates of sushis - 3 plates of RM3 Beige plate (inari, tuna mayo and Tori Karaage), 1 plate of RM4 Pink plate (Chigiri Age), 1 plate of RM 5 Red plate (Smoked Salmon) and 2 plates of RM 6 Purple plate (Unagi). hmmm.. I love unagi.

we finish our lunch at 11.30 am. we walked back to the hospital and found out we have 2 wait for another hour. I nearly dozed off while waiting. We went back home by cab. the cab driver were driving in zigs zags. i whispered to my sis,"tanak tunjuk jln shortcut ke?". my sis answered,"no need". i said,"then, the tambang mahal la nnt". my sis answered,"nevermind. very tired, cannot talk anymore. " and i swear i saw her face changed which looked like she wanted to say, "lagipon i got money". -_-

after reaching home, I prayed zuhur and followed mum and dad out, to pick a goat for baby Maya's kenduri aqiqah. I brought along my camera coz dad insisted me to bring it along. his idea was so I could later photoshop baby Maya 'riding' the goat. i thot that was one freaky idea.

Seeing the goats in person made me feel sorry for them. the goats who had been 'booked' by other people has been marked with a yellow spray paint. There were 2 types of goats - the imported goats from Australia or the local goats. There was one particular black goat that was very vocal. the rest was quiet as a rat. this particular goat kept on saying "Embekk.. Embekk". I thot the goat's voice sounded very human-like. I was eye-ing one goat which was a 'cow goat'. It was the only goat who was white with black spots. Ehehe.

Here are the goats!

Anyway, we end up not picking any goats and finally decided to come again on another day. Dad bought a bottle of goat's milk which cost RM12. So expensive!

I saw this ginger cat near the goat shed.

And here's a latest photo of baby Maya Afiqah.

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