Saturday, June 02, 2007


My mum and sis had been having nightmares involving baby Pika. I think it will be much more interesting if I explain it in visual.

Nightmare #1 - drawn using stick figure
Nightmare #2 - drawn using vector graphic


Mum told us that she dreamt she was holding baby Pika when suddenly baby Pika grew longer and longer in my mum's arms. She knew then that she was holding something else. Erkkkk. She woke up to find.. baby Pika fast asleep on her lap.

Somehow mum's nightmare was quite similar to my real life experience with my soft toy Mogwai. Click here to read the story (its in Malay). Refer 3# Ghost Encounters.


My sis had a nightmare - baby Pika was being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. She did everything she could to save the baby from being bitten, but baby Pika ended up swollen with red mosquito marks all over her body.

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