Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr. Monkey R.I.P

Part I

A guy from Jabatan Perhilitan came to our house to meet my Dad. He came to solve our monkey problem. They had placed several traps around the mini jungle. They also hired a few people to shoot (no I'm not kidding) the monkeys. I thought they would actually transfer the monkeys into a zoo or something. I guess they had more than enough monkeys. So.. on Thursday, my sis and I just got back from shopping when we saw a corpse of a monkey (a Siamang/Gibbon to be exact) laying beside a tree in front of our house. Erk. Why did they shoot a Siamang? The Siamang has never been a nuisance in our neighbourhood. It was the other type of monkey who was terrorizing the neighbourhood. It's the brown fuzzy one with the black face, not the black monkey with the white face. Haiyah. Poor siamang!

Part II

Yesterday, we noticed an awful smell coming from the trees in front of our house. I realized it was the dead monkey which was rotting away. A pack of dogs (3 dogs) were seen to be eating the monkeys' remains. Yuck. I even took the chance to take some photos. The dogs in the comic above are the actual dogs who ate the monkey. I hope they didn't get tummy ache after eating that monkey.

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