Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Making my own sushi

I’ve been thinking about making my own sushi. But having doubts as I have already mention this to my mum, and she was really reluctant on the idea. not everyone in my family loves sushi. only my dad, my bro and myself enjoy eating sushi.

if i would be making my own sushi, i would start with something simple. maybe make a gunkan maki sushi. choice of topping would be something that is easily available - tuna mayo, cucumber etc.

why gunkan maki sushi? coz i don't need to have the sushi mat. just nori, sushi rice, my choice of topping and my hands! maybe i don't even need to buy nori. maybe i should make nigiri sushi. but i doubt that the tuna mayo will hold into place without the nori.

i found a couple of links on sushi making.

Make My Sushi - this website has detailed instruction with animation flash animation. very cute indeed.

Sushi Day - this website shares loads of sushi recipes

hmm. when am i going to make my own sushi? i'm just worried, when i make them, nobody is going to eat them and i have to finish it all by myself. :(

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