Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Got Monkey Problem

As some of you might know, my house is surrounded by mini jungles. We are frequently visited by several family of monkeys. There are too many of them. For 18 years I've been living here, I've got to see many types of monkeys. Some are with black face with furry fur, then there are the typical monkeys that you get to see in parks and lastly a dwarf monkey.

Part 1 - The Peeping Tom

My bedroom happens to be on top of the garage which means there is a roof right outside my window. You could practically walk on the roof and jump onto the garden. You'll probably break your leg, but that's one of the escape route in my house in case of emergency. It was years ago since we had a peeping tom. then the monkeys just stop coming maybe bcoz i switched rooms - shared rooms with my sis. since now I'm back in my own room, I've been visited by male monkeys almost once every week. -_-

Part 2 - The Culprit

On 5th june, the internet was down bcoz the telephone wire outside our house snapped! The culprit was the monkeys. As my room faces the front of the house, I've always witness them using it as a bridge and also as a place for them to perch. The phone wire attached to our house is far more thin than the main cable. if only we could change to a thicker/stronger telephone wire. Sometimes I could see 4 to 5 monkeys crossing the wire at one time. I guess the weight of the monkeys made the wire snapped.

The next morning the Telekom man came to reattach the wire, but by 3pm the wire snapped again by the weight of the monkeys. Huhu. we had phoned Telekom (again!) to send a guy to fix it, but only after 3 days they (Telekom) sent a guy to fix it. Hopefully this time, the telephone wire will hold.

p.s: i was really bored since i had to go thru 3 days with no internet. so I got an idea to draw these. ehehe. the "peeping tom" really cracks me up. and YES... all these comics are not made up. its my real life experience!

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