Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcome home Maya Afiqah!

Sorry for the late update. This post was written on 16th May 2007.

Baby Maya Afiqah was discharged from the hospital on 11th May 2007 (Friday). Mummy and I was on the way to the hospital when my sis called me to bring along some clothes for Baby Maya. So we turn back to grabbed what was necessary. We forgot to bring along the receiving blanket so we had to give the nurse my sis black cardigan to "bungkus" the baby. Try to imagine a newborn baby wrapped in a black "blanket". erkk. usually newborn babies will always be seen wrapped in pastel or bright colours but never in black.

this is Baby Maya wearing the black "blanket". so kesian.

"phewww. i'm finally home." - this was the closest photo i've taken of her.
the camera was inches from her nose. ehehe.

Baby Maya with her new toy.

For more photos, visit my fotopages.

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