Sunday, November 05, 2006

Scenery photos...

Scenery photos...

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If you have trouble viewing the photos, pls go HERE instead. The link directs u straight to my fotopages.

Before was photos on animals and this time would be photos on sceneries. All of these photos were shot at Kusial Bahru, Kelantan.

Photo 1 - A sunrise photo taken just outside my grandma's house.

Photo 2 - Everytime we 'balik kampung', I'll always take photos of coconut trees around my grandma's house. This is the silhoutte version.

Photo 3 - This is actually my grandma's neighbours house. I know the house looks abandon but there is actually someone living there. Took this photo at about 6.30 am. So it looks kinda of creepy... with the trees and everything. I'm sure there might be a few pontianak lurking behind those trees.

More photos coming soon!



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