Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Raya Updates

wokeh. almost 1 month with no updates. woo-hoo. break record nih.

well, right after Raya.. i wasn't feeling very well. jangkit dr my mum and bro. I was coughing so badly during the 1st week after raya. only on the 2nd week, i went to the doctor. i thought my body could just heal by itself. coughing is like 2nd nature to me but the "Raya Cough" was like no other. so i went to the clinic and got proper medication. before that, i was taking my mum's cough syrup and ate my normal Amalaki and Tulasi capsules. The doctor gave me an extra green syrup which was suppose to lessen the phlegm in my throat. And do you know what it did right after i gulped it down? I was puking like crazy. my dinner didn't came out though, only the phlegm came out. but still it really hurts when you vomit 10-20 times a day, u know. i was so afraid that i would puke after every meal, that i didn't take the green stuff on the 2nd day. ehehe. but my mum scolded me. huhu. so terpakse jugak amik that strong green stuff. and immediately i started to puke again.

usually, puke pon sbb terbatuk continuously. kalo terbatuk over sket, tetibe lost control and the rest was history. rase cam tgh mengandung je.. muntah tak henti2. my sister yg pregnant pon tak loya seteruk nih. ke nih pasal loya coz she's pregnant. usually kalo bukan org yg mengandung yg loya.. the person who's closest to her will be the one yg akan menerima padah "morning sickness". husband ke, tp adik plak kene? logik kah?

3rd week still muntah2 jugak, but dah kurang sket. 4th week batuk ade sket2. tp only when i happen to be in a cold place. stakat lalu kat area frozen kat Carrefour pon dah cukup utk start kite batuk2 semule. wahh.. so horror tau. skang nih dah ok sket. i don't wanna say it to soon la. coz my body ni jenis yg taleh nak jamin sgt. over confident sket.. kang sakit balik. nyampah tul. cam jinx je. taleh nak ckp lelebey.

thought this would be a suitable picture for this post. ehehe.

Raya thn nih.. erm. agak berbeza disbbkan kite tak jd tumpuan seperti bese. Abg ipar dan akak kite lak jadi tumpuan. so cam relax sket la. tp yg paling menyampah nye, bab sakit perut. bukan sakit perut sbb terlebey mkn. tp sakit perut sbb food poisoning. i happened to eat this particular roti jala with gulai yg dah contiminated at this one house. sblm amik tu dah usha dah and it looked fine to me, sbb tade buih pon. taste pon ok jek. that was until my sis+ipar sampai and ate at the same house, baru terperasan yg gulai tu berbuih. huhuhu. derang tak sempat mkn so selamat la. i nih kalo mkn roti jala, suke letak kuah byk2. i like to soak everything i eat. supaya cam soggy and senang nak mkn. so mmg merana la mlm pas balik dr beraye rumah org. mmg tak tido la mlm tu. asyik pegi toilet jek. sampai loose punggung. wahahha.

Raya thn nih.. pon berbeza sbb 1st time beraye selame 3 ari kat rumah nenek (Kusial Baru).. dan kat hotel KB 2 hari. selalu nye 1 ari je kat Kusial Baru, and the rest kat KB. Even my auntie tanye, sronok ke tinggal kat rumah nenek? coz she knew kiteorg tak bese tinggal lame2 kat situ. and my answer was "tok sronok sbb panah dan bose" (translate: tak sronok sbb panas dan bosan). hahahaaha. mmg panas giler. it felt like we were living in an oven and we were the 'roasted chicken.' even kalo ujan pon still panas. padahal pokok byk kat situ. tatau la pesal panas sgt. sbb rumah kayu ke?

Pestu jumpe with this one friendly cat kat dpn rumah Cik Gee - refer previous post. sgt la friendly rase cam nak bwk balik umah je. huhuhu. comel pon comel. clean pon clean. uwaaaaaaa.. i want a cat!

Kat KB kali nih kiteorg tinggal kat Hotel Riverside View. before this kat Renaissance. tukar selera lak kali nih. Hotel Riverside View nih happen to be close to umah2 sedara and not in the middle of the city, so tak perlu la travel jauh sgt dan traffic kat area tu pon tak se-heavy kat area Renaissance. The rooms are inclusive dengan breakfast which was great!

i bailed out on a few houses coz perut cam masuk angin je sambil2 sbb cirit akibat food poisoning. so cam tak syok nak pegi beraye rumah org.

Ni nak list down the food that is serve according to the houses that i went to visit. for my eyes only and for keeping track.

1. Rumah Cik Lah - short for Amirah
- Roti Jala
- Satay
- Nasi Dagang
- yummy kek lapis
- Pudding

2. Rumah Ayah Seng <- its short for Hassan but we kelantanese ppl panggil ujung2 je. its not Ah Seng ok - freshly baked chocolate chip cookies - meehoon goreng (tak sempat mkn sbb dah penuh perut and have 1 more house to go) 3. Rumah Abg Hamdi
- Nasi Dagang
- the coldest orange juice ever (sampai peparu rase cam shaking sbb sejuk sgt air die)

4. Rumah Cik Gee - short for Suziana
- Chicken Pie
- Lasagne
- Pizza
- Roast Chicken
- Roti Jala
- Satay
- Trifle
- a couple of cheese cake <- homemade. actually seme kat rumah Cik Gee adalah homemade 5. Rumah Kak Liza - short for Hasliza
- Macaroni Soup <- not expecting this at all, coz selalu nye rumah nih satay and nasi dagang - Puding Cik Lah <- seems like everyone was making the same Cik Lah's pudding coz everyone called her for the recipe. - Satay 6. Rumah Ayah Ziq - short for Aziz
- Spaghetti Bolognese
- Mee Suah
- Satay
- Trifle

7. Rumah Cik Mah - short for Rahimah
- her very special Nasi Lemak
- Macaroni Soup
- Trifle

8. Rumah Cik Yah - short for Fauziah
- Satay <- home-made. org lain beli kat kedai same so no point of trying satay kat rumah org lain. this is the only satay i ate. - Lasagne 9. Rumah Kak Tee - short for Hasmawati
- sambosa & currypuff
- cake adik bradik kpd Baklava. couldn't remember the name.
- she made a few other cakes. recipes courtesy from her new Reader's Digest Dessert book

there were more houses, tp nih je yg kite ingat. boleh dikatakan every house my family akan request "Air Masak or Air Suam" coz satu family batuk punye pasal. one very sick family. and here are some virtual awards that i wanna give to some of the people i've mentioned above.

Award for the Most Variety
in terms of food goes to Cik Gee
- wins hands down. even mase nak leave her house pon she was still wipping up another dish in her kitchen.

Award for the Best Satay goes to Cik Yah
- her satay was so tender and fragrant. could even taste the serai until now. even the beef satay was so soft, it was like eating venison.

Award for the Best Macaroni Soup goes to Cik Mah
- compared to Ayah Ziq's and Kak Liza's Macaroni Soup, Cik Mah's Macaroni Soup was full of flavour, the amount of black pepper was just nice and the taste of tomato soup was not too tomato-ey.

Award for the Best Pudding goes to Cik Mah
- Ayah Ziq's Trifle came in 2nd. the rest was the same coz it was made using Cik Lah recipe. taste the same.. the pudding even looks the same.

Award for the Most Innovative goes to Cik Mah
- her house nih susah sket nak predict die akan serve mknn ape. coz die tade serve a particular dish everytime raya. usually cam suprise la kalo dtg rumah die. Nasi Lemak die sgt sedap. byk giler lauk sampai tatau nak amik mane satu. got peparu goreng, sambal udang, ikan kering, ikan bilis, and a few more. 2nd dish was the Macaroni. die serve the macaroni dlm soup right away, which was convenient for us. just scoop up jek. tp agak bahaya coz we never know whether boleh finish or not. i wanted to finish of whats left in the bowl.. tinggal bbrp scoop je lagi. tp my mum reminded me of how chubby i was.. so tak jd la nak abiskan. huhu.

erm.. duit raya pon dpt jugak. erm.. dlm RM80 kot. ke RM90. sbb ade RM10 tuh i tak ingat sape yg kasik. walaupon dah besar gajah.. kire dpt jugak la duit raye kan. even my bro yg dah keje pon dpt.. mane aci kan. dahla dah umo 28. tp still dpt duit raye. so next year i pon kene dpt jugak la.. coz lom reach 28 lagi. ehehe. agak2 thn dpn dpt lagi tak? hmmm. fingers crossed. my sis tak dpt duit raye. ade cousin tu ckp.. nnt tunggu baby keluar baru dpt duit raye. hahaha.

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