Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dadih Mania

Dadih Mania

Yeay..! I just made another batch of dadih. This time its chocolate flavoured. I already made 1 batch before Raya and it was corn flavoured. I made my own dadih using Happy-Grass Fruit Beancurd Pudding Powder (fuh..such a long name).

Here's the mix I bought during my Hari Raya Holiday. If you use a bigger plastic cup you'll get about 22 cups, and if you use the smaller cup (which i did) you'll get about 46 cups. I didn't have enough cups so I used dessert glasses instead.

Here's my chocolate dadih in the fridge. Hehe. Can't wait to eat it tonite!

Ok. Now back to promo. Happy-Grass Fruit Beancurd Pudding Powder offers 27 flavours to choose from. The ones with "kisses" is the ones I've bought, but as I've mention earlier I'd only tried corn and chocolate (for now). The other 3 flavours would have to wait.

The powder mix is really easy to use. What you need to do 1st is to boil 1 can of evaporated milk (e.g Ideal, Carnation, F&N etc) + 3000ml of water + 100gm sugar. Heat it up until it boils. After that, put away from the stove and add in the powder mix and stir well for 5 minutes until all the powder is dissolved. Lastly, add in the Fruit sugar and mix well. The fruit sugar is inside the packet together with the powder mix. Now, you have to pour the mixture into small cups/containers and keep it in the freezer to chill.

You can find Happy-Grass products at any supermarket (i think.. ehehe). I bought mine at a Bakery Supplier Store at Kota Bahru, Kelantan.

I leave with the Happy-Grass tagline.. "Please let your friends know if it is delicious; let us know if it isn't!"

Visit Happy-Grass official website at www.happy-grass.com. (Note: Some links in the website might not work)

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