Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrr! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a parodic holiday invented in 1995 by two Americans, John Baur ("Ol' Chum Bucket") and Mark Summers ("Cap'n Slappy"), who proclaimed September 19 each year as the day when everyone in the world should talk like pirates. For example, instead of "hello," an observer of this holiday would greet his mates with "Ahoy, me hearty!" The date was selected because it is the birthday of Summers' ex-wife and would consequently be easy for him to remember.


At first an inside joke between two friends, the holiday gained exposure when Baur and Summers sent a letter about their invented holiday to the American syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry in 2002.

Barry liked the idea and promoted the day. There have been reports that this holiday was being celebrated in the New Zealand town of Wainuiomata at least as early as 2000, after local media reported the existence of Talk Like A Pirate Day. Growing media coverage of the holiday after Dave Barry's column has ensured that this event is now celebrated internationally.

Actor Robert Newton, who portrayed Long John Silver in the 1950 Disney film Treasure Island, is the patron saint of Talk Like A Pirate Day. The association with pirates of peg-legs, parrots and treasure maps were all literary inventions of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel, Treasure Island (1883). The influence of Stevenson's book on parody pirate culture cannot be overestimated.

~From Wikipedia

Dieha the pirate speaks, "I have been missin' for awhile because I was busy with me new food blog. T'food blog be about reviewin' food products or eateries. I be now sharin' it with several other bloggers. If you be interested in becomin' a contributor, please email me at adieha@gmail.com or drop a message at Live2Eat".

Sure, the best way to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day is to memorize the useful list o' pirate words and phrases. But sometimes a body's in a hurry, and doesn't have th' time it'd take to do the homework. One o' our honorary shipmates, Trevor Sehrer, put t'gether this fine piratey translation machine.



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