Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

Okey. I'll update about me (and my sis) birdday party. This entry is full of photos. Wait until all photos are loaded. It isn't really a party... it was just a normal eat-as-much-as-you-can-hi-tea. This is our 1st time having our hi-tea at Dorsett Regency Hotel. The so called International Hi-tea was at Checkers Cafe. Nice place... nice decor. Since there were only a few tables occupied, we felt as if we had the place to ourselves.

Here's a snippet of the hi-tea promotion. It was also advertised in TheStar last week. Ehehe.
Checkers Café
International Hi-Tea
July 2006
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
12.00noon – 4.00pm

Be tantalized with dishes from across the region with a wide selection of French pastries, local delicacies, tandoori chicken wings, assorted dim sum, nasi lemak, ayam percik, deep-fried quail, gado-gado, sushi, maki, seafood on ice, duck rice, yong tau foo, steamboat, otak-otak, chicken & beef satay and many more.

Featuring as well the action stalls favourites of carving of the day, soufflé and waffle and dessert spread of cendol, bread and butter pudding, fruits tartlet, chocolate éclairs and crepe with fruits filling amongst others.

Children from 4 to 12 years and Senior Citizen, aged 55 years above are entitled to 50% discount.

My mum and dad are both senior citizens so they both got the 50% discount. From the promotion above it states that there'll be: tandoori chicken wings, ayam percik, deep-fried quail, gado-gado, sushi, maki, duck rice, otak-otak, carving of the day, soufflé, bread and butter pudding, chocolate éclairs and crepe with fruits filling... but none of these food exists. Huhu.... i guess they forgot what they've advertised. yeah rite! :(

Anyway.. the rest of the food was good. I gave raw oyster with a squeeze of lemon another try. Slurpp! My sis saw me eating the oysters and she went Eww! I skipped the satay, lontong, cendol/ABC, steamboat and yong tau foo. Never liked those food anyway. Hmm.. I skipped a lot of food. Maybe bcoz my bro wasn't there. Coz if he's there, we kind of compete we each other to chomp as much food as we can. We're pigs.. ok? Huhu. And usually he will tag along with me when taking food at the buffet counter.

And one thing I noticed about the decor of Checkers Cafe; there were hands all over the place. Hands on the ceiling light and wall light. It was kinda freaky seeing these hands hanging on to the lamps. Looks as if at any moment a black hideous face will immerge behind those lamps. Here's another one.

I think this one looks better.

Oh the birthday cake! My mum ordered a cake on Tuesday from Secret Recipe and we collected the cake on Wednesday. Chocolate Indulgence - It's a "creamy and rich Belgian coverture chocolate and white chocolate filling. Absolutely a luscious, luxurious, sinfully rich chocolate lover's dream". Yum Yum. The creamy filling taste like ice cream. I'm not a big fan of creamy cakes... but this one is an exception.

It reads "Happy Birthday to Madihah & Maleena".

And guess what I got for my birthday? Hmm. My sister is the only one who know's my taste for cuteness. I don't like girly stuff. Cute is not the same as girly :P. There's a big difference. Let's see what it is...

Aaahh.. a wallet! There's a fishy and a few kitty heads on it. Wuwuwuwu.

Let's see how it looks from the inside. Wahh. so red! I'm blinded.. I'm blinded! There's a small pouch for coins (in the middle) and a few slots of cards (left and right side).

A close-up! So cute...

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