Thursday, June 08, 2006

In Depth Survey

In Depth Survey

++About You++
Name : Dieha MJ
Birthday : 19th July (1 month 11 days remaining)
Astrological Sign : Cancer the Crab
Lucky Number : 1, 7, 19

++Your Heritage++
Your Ethnicity : Malay
What is your heritage : i have no idea, but my parents says we have siamese blood. erm. and maybe a bit of chinese too. that's explains my weird looking eyes.
What is your last name : my last name is my dad's name. i don't even have a middle name. sad, huh? so i'll give you my 1st name which is the only name i have.
What does Your last 1st name mean : my 1st name is Madihah, which means - Praiseworthy
What did your ancesters do : erm. my grandpa (dad's side) was a rubber tapper. while my grandpa (mum's side) was a business man - had his own printing press company (Pustaka Aman Press).

What religion do you follow : Islam
How many Gods : 1 and only 1
Do you believe in Heaven or Hell : i believe in both; Heaven AND Hell.
Do you believe in Satan or the Devil : err.. aren't they the same thing? Satan is the Devil.
Do you wear a Turban : no i do not..

Lover or Fighter : Lover. Didn't you know? I was one of the Carebears.
If someone hits you what would you do : Hit that person back.. but 10 times harder Muahahaha (Opps. I'm those kinds of Care Bears who suffers from split personality. I'm a mixed of Bashful Heart Bear and Grumpy Bear.) >:)
Are you Outgoing or Reserved : I'm definately reserved but sometimes I can be outgoing too. Hmm. this is confusing. I told you i have a split-personality diorder.
Favorite Color : Blue, Black, Maroon, Brown
Favorite Pass time : Sleep, eat, cook, watch tv/movies.
Favorite Alcohol : i don't drink.
Favorite type of Weed : i don't do drugs.
Favorite Fast Food : I miss Carl's Jr and Grandy's
What is your favorite Sports : use to play netball, badminton, and table tennis.
What country do you want to visit the most : Saudi Arabia - Mecca & Medina. Did my umrah 5 times.

What do you think of 9/11 : Its all a conspiracy.
What do you think of the US gov't : i don't give a damn with US govt.
Irag War : i hate war
Abortion : i hate ppl who kill babies
War on Terror : as i've said earlier.. i hate war.
George Bush : he's the devil..

++Random Bullshit++
If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, Does it make a noise : of coz it will make a noise. but nobody would be there to hear the tree fall
What came first the Chicken or the Egg : the EGG! ( Refer: Link 1 and Link 2 )
What is the meaning of Life : Live to eat!!
Which religion is right : ISLAM!

++Relationship stuff++
Single or Taken : single mingle
Do you want to get married : yup.
How many kids do you want to have : twins = 1 girl 1 boy.. ngehehe.
What would be the most desirable personality trait in your partner : erm. you can refer to my previous post
Does age matter : not really
Does size matter : it depends on what u r refering to. if it is FOOD.. size DOES matter! ( Refer: Link )
How important are looks : looks are not important.. brains are. i would prefer to be "ugly and smart" rather than "gorgeous and dumb".



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