Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Do you have a Pet Peeve?

Do you have a Pet Peeve?

Hmm. I've been listing my pet peeves for awhile now and I have quite a collection. But for those who don't know what is pet peeve, let me tell you what it means.

Pet peeves are annoying things people do and say.
According to Wikipedia :
A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that can instill extreme frustration in an individual. Typically each person has several pet peeves that aggravate him more than the average person. Another person may not react as negatively or at all to the same circumstance.
I'm listing my pet peeves according to category. So here they are:

Category: Conversation

1. When a friend retells a story that you told him/her as if it was his/her own.

2. "You look so familiar. Have I met you before?"

3. Awkward moments during conversation - awkward silence! (cue the crickets)

4. When a friends steals your trademark and uses is as their own.

5. When people say, "It's a long story" when really they just don't want to tell you the story.

6. When someone thinks you have a problem with someone else, when really that someone else has a problem with you.

7. When people keep on trying to stir up a conversation with me after I have given off several hints that I'm not interested in chatting at the moment, and that I want to be left alone.

8. When someone says, "that's really funny" but doesn't laugh.

9. When someone tells you what you're like when you first meet them and ask you why you like that. (e.g being shy or quiet).

10. One word responses.

11. People who insist you repeat unimportant things.

12. When someone responds to a situation you've described by saying that it happens to everyone.

13. When people end a phone conversation without saying "goodbye."

14. When you are introduced to someone repeatedly and yet they continue to act like they have never seen you before, every time.

15. People who deliberately pronounce words incorrectly and repeatedly.

16. Someone using a "big" word, then immediately defining it while looking quizzically into your eyes.

17. Repetition of 'goodbye formalities' on the phone.

18. People who offer you food and will not take no for an answer.

19. When someone, in the normal course of conversation, winks at you chastely. Like, closes one eye and then opens it again, rapidly, and without lascivious intent, while talking.

20. When someone decides to pay you a surprise visit to your house and doesn't let you know until they are right down the block, or even worse-downstairs.

Category: Danger

21. Standing in the way of people wishing to use an escalator, moving sidewalk or doorway.

22. Swinging a cigarette wildly while making way through a crowd.

23. Children who wear those wheelie shoes play around you when you are trying hard to balance your drinks on a tray.

Category: Dining

24. When food sticks to your teeth (e.g gummy bears)

25. When a waiter clears all the plates prematurely and leaves only one person at the table who is still cleaning up his/her plate. That one person, is always ME!

26. When everyone else at the table has finish eating, leaving me struggling to clean my plate. Then someone suddenly ask me to finish up whats left on the table when I am clearly "stuff to the bones".

27. Cheap utensils that bend.

28. You are given plastic utensils when you ordered steak.

29. Unevenly arranged sandwich fillings.

30. When you offer someone food and they take a really long time picking what they want.

31. When someone tries to hand you something while your hands are occupied.

32. Asking me a question when I'm chewing something, then waiting for me to answer.

Category : Driving

33. Car passengers that throw their doors wide open without first checking for obstacles.

34. People who take forever to leave a parking space while others are clearly waiting for it.

35. Radio ads featuring horns, sirens, or people yelling "Look out!"

36. When people talk on their cell phones and drive.

37. People who don't use their turn signal, tailgate, and cut you off really hard and close.

38. People who throw rubbish through their window while driving.

Category: Internet

39. When music automatically plays when you go to someone's website or myspace/friendster page.

40. Web pages that make you click on something to "enter." Why would I go there if I didn't want to enter?

41. Inaccurate pictures when online dating.

42. Sideways and upside-down online photos.

43. Forwarding email etiquette: Don't make me scroll down.

44. People typing LOL way too often.

45. People who believe in forwarded emails to make money.

Category: Language

46. "Anywhoo . . . "

47. Saying "That means.." as "Thats mean".

48. Getting confuse between "quiet" and "quite".

49. Using the word "happening " in every sentence.

Category: TV

50. Changing the TV channel without asking when anyone is clearly watching.

51. Standing in my line of sight to the TV during the last 30 seconds of any show

52. Finding a TV remote where it couldn't possibly be used.

53. TV shows or ads with doorbells, ringing phones, or alarm clocks. Then my mum would ask, "It that our phone ringing?"

Category: Misc

54. When your friend turns out to be a back stabber.

55. People who have no idea what "personal space" is. Its when people stand right up next to you (you can feel them breathing down your neck).

56. People who choose to associate with others who hate someone, then talk to you when no one is around.

57. People that don't have a problem with their weight and have the nerve to make fun of and criticize those that do.

58. People who has flawless skin and have the nerve to make fun of and criticize those that do not.

59. People who continually crack bad jokes and then stare at you waiting for you to laugh.

60. People who wear bluetooths. It seem to be stuck to their ears. Bluetooths are not cool.

61. Sneezing or coughing with a weak bladder.

62. Visible nostril hair.

63. People who doesn't scrub behind their necks until you can clearly see grime left on their necks.

64. People who are born beautiful but complains frantically when they wake up with one little zit on their face. Oh.. please. It's not like its the end of the world.

65. People who do have weight problem but have the nerve to criticize people who are overweight. Are they blind or something? Or are they in denial?

66. People who talks to me when I am clearly busy doing my work and expect me to listen every single word they say.

P.s: So what's your pet peeves? You can list them in the comments below (don't write it in the shoutbox ok?). <- another one of my pet peeves.

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