Thursday, May 25, 2006

Malaysian Passport Renewal Kiosk (KiPPas)

I had gone to the immigration department with my dad this morning (23 may) to renew our passports. In my mind, I was thinking we are going to spend a good few hours there. As usual the normal procedure of taking a number and waiting for your number to be called. The night before, my sister told me that she had read about the immigration had developed a new automated system for passport renewal; an electronic kiosk. However, she had never tried it and thus couldn't give much information.

When we arrived, I suggested my dad to try it out. But before that, we went up to level 2 to have my instant photo taken. Only after that we went to find the kiosk. It was located on the 1st floor (which was the ground floor) on the left side of the main entrance of immigration. There is was KiPPas (KIosk Pembaharuan PASport a.ka. Passport Renewal Kiosk)

To renew your passport using the kiosk you need to make sure your passport is the one which has a microchip in it. Bring along your mykad and a passport photo of yourself. Make sure you have your cash ready! My daddy didn't withdraw enough money so I had to chip in a free hundreds. Huhuhu.

There were an officer who sat behind a desk who verified our passport and mykad. We had our thumbprint scanned and he gave us each am envelope where we had to write out our name, ic number and our signature on the envelope. Our photo is placed inside the envelope. Then after verification process, he directed us to one of the machines.

There was nobody else using the kiosk. It was practically empty. It was like nobody knew the kiosk existed. Or were they afraid to use it? My mum would definately be under that category - afraid of technology. Hehehe. We did see a lot of people queueing upstairs for the normal procedure when I was waiting for my instant photo to be ready.

It took us also less than 5 mins to complete the entire passport re-newal process. My procedure was a bit longer than my dads coz the machine asked me more information; my current height (coz my old passport was done in the year 1998, so I might have grown taller during those 5 years). I had to scan my thumb twice coz it couldn't verify it the 1st time. Maybe bcoz my hands was all sweaty from the heat.

We are quite satisfied with ease of using the machine. It was more like a Cheque deposit machine coz we had to slip the envelop into a slot. The kiosk is open from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 3:45pm. It is closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. If you need to renew your passport, be sure to use the kiosk.

Click this link to view : 3-Minute Passport Renewal

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