Monday, May 22, 2006

All about the 3's

All about the 3's...

Aiyoyo... Fatimah ( tagged me.

The Threes

name 3 schools u went to
~ SRK Gombak Setia, Selangor
~ SMK Gombak Setia, Selangor
~ Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

name 3 things in ur purse/backpack/bag
~ my purse and my spec casing
~ a pen and a small notepad
~ a few packs of tissues

name 3 things u do when u're really stressed
~ bang my head against the wall repeatedly
~ listen to some music
~ held my head high and scream "nooOOOOOOOO!"

name 3 places u go on a daily basis
~ kitchen: to cook and eat
~ toilet: to bath and to "u know what"
~ my bedroom: to sleep.. hahahaha

name 3 favourite fruits
~ mango
~ strawberry
~ kiwi

3 names u go by
~ dieha / adieha / hah / adik
~ diedie / dee
~ D.J. / M.J. / Margarita / Naru-senpai

3 of ur favourite foods
~ Italian food: Pizza, Pasta
~ Japanese food: Sushi, Tempura, Bento Meals
~ Mexican food: Fajitas, Nachos

3 things u'r wearing right now
~ my black kaftan with blue floral prints
~ my retro glasses
~ err and my *tutt*.. hint: starts with a "P" and ends with an "S"

The Whos

who's in the house with u?
~ my parents
~ my big sister
~ my big brother

who (or what) r u thinking about right now?
~ i'm thirsty and i need a glass of Iced Milo
~ i need to download Poseidon coz i think it's a pretty good movie
~`when am i going to have a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

who did u last talk to on the phone?
~ nobody..

who do u sit next to in your class?
~ nurhayati (class of '97 -'99)
~ nur emilia dora (class of '96)
~ sharmili (class of '95)

who was the last person u told u loved?
~ nobody

who do wish u were right now?
~ i wish i was a cat (let me be specific.. i wanna be a house cat), so that i could lazed around all day.. sleep the whole day.. and wake up to do nothing else except eat and play. :)

who gets on ur nerves the most at school?
~ CM (bukan name sebenar)
~ CNK (bukan name sebenar)
~ SH (bukan name sebenar)

The Wheres

where do u live?
~ where all the people there are all harmonious

where is ur phone?
~ in my bedroom

where do u sleep?
~ in my bedroom... where else. takkan kat toilet kot

where is the last place u took a ride to?
~ erm.. went to have my dinner at Danau Kota

where are u now?
~ in the living room

The Whats

what was the last thing u ate?
~ nasi goreng USA and sirap limau

what colour shirt r u wearing?
~ not wearing a shirt but a black kaftan with blue floral prints

what is the closest item near u that is blue?
~ the kaftan i'm wearing

what do u like best about school?
~ the experiments with have to do during chemistry and physics class
~ the day our teacher was absent.. and there were no substitute teacher. the day class was cancelled. jgn pk saya malas. saya akan gune masa tu utk siapkan homework. bila kat rumah, boleh rehat atau buat revision je. :P

what is ur favourite colour?
~ blue
~ black
~ maroon

what do u wear more: jeans or shorts?
~ jeans la. i never wear shorts. if i do wear them, i think i'll look like an ostrich wearing shorts. yikes!

what is the last movie that u watched?
~ just finished watching MI:III

The Whens

when did u start school?
~ at 4 years old... or izzit earlier than that?

when is ur birthday?
~ july the 19th

when did u last go to the mall?
~ yesterday.. went to Carrefour

when was the last time u bought a pair of pants?
~ erm.. a few years ago? huhu.

when did u last burn something?
~ burn a couple of CDs - Airplane 1 and 2 :)

The next Victims

~ encik abah (
~ encik epan (
~ cik puan serai (



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