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3rd Week at Work

3rd Week at Work

2 Feb 2006 (Thursday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

i brought along my headphone to work. yeay! now i can listen to music while i work. i left my headphone at my pc coz i dont think anyone would actually steal it. fingers crossed.

Work: Continued my work editing Super Rajoo (SR). I finished both files L gave me at about 10.30 am. i was aiming to finish by this Friday. I didn't think i would be able to finish it in only 2 hours. hahahah. i guess i have gotten the hang of flash. it was quite easy to erase the old SR's face, just by using lines (in different colour) to separate the shapes. i grouped it separately so it would be easier for me to edit it later. i went to L and said that i'd finished my work. She looked as if she had forgotten about the work she gave me. Bcoz even before i went to her desk, i have already checked the network and i saw her work. it was exactly like mine. but the thing that saddens me the most is she did the work she gave me. so why do she had to give us the work in the first place. she even did uma's work. i felt as if she didn't trust that we are able to do the work. or is she the kind of person (who is like me) who doesn't like to wait for other people. so she just do the work anyway. just in case we could not finished it in time. I was quite down and i even had a crazy thought that i don't need to show her my work. what's the use right? she's going to use her work in the end anyway. but i have to think positive. so an hour later, she came to my desk and i showed her my work. She said, "okay. good". she went to uma and asked her whether uma had finished her work. huhuhu. L coloured SR exactly the same as i did. the only thing that was different was the mask. her mask was red in colour, mine was green. i think a green mask looks better bcoz it complements with SR superhero suit. i just hope that she uses my work. it's just a waste of time, doing the work for hours and have her work in the final CD. hmmmm.. i think God is testing me. or is He punishing me? coz i'd always rejected other people's work and usually will use up my work in the end when doing group projects. but i did that coz their work isn't even close to mine. it doesn't even look as if it was from the same theme. my work and L's work are completely the same. only she added a few extra effects here and there. well at least i actually finished my work. i showed her that i am able to do my work and meet her expectations. huhu. God help me!

Note: I'm not sure whether it was L or A who drew the new super rajoo. maybe it was A, coz she was the one who handled English Year 1 and not L. L handled English Form 3. hmm..

My tummy is growling like crazy. i think a few people heard my tummy rumbled from far. hahaha. i'm worried about the petrol in my car. it is close to E now. not that close, but i'm not use to seeing the car petrol lower that half a tank. I'm afraid to fill up the petrol by myself. my body is full of static and i'm afraid that if i placed the nozzled into the oil tank, my body would create sparks and the whole petrol stations blows up. i've seen a video about static electricity that happened at the petrol station. and it looks scary. it might happen to me as i keep discharging jolts of static electricity everywhere i go and whatever i touch.

Click the link to download the video [ Link ]

There are many more.. but here's are just a few scenarios which happens to me frequently. Usually it happens when i...
- push a seat. (the seat has metal frames)
- push the trolley
- close a car door
- rip of a plastic from the grocery section
- switch off electricity
- pull out a toast from the toaster

i'm not sure why my body is full of static. maybe its bcoz i had been electrocuted a couple of times. it wasn't serious as i was lucky to pull myself away in time. i'm still alive rite? electricity loves me. so whatever i touch whether it is metal, a power source or an electric equipment, it will react. huhu. i feel as though i am a mutant or something. like x-men. only i dont have any powers and i can't control my "powers". huhu.

Work (cont..) : after L had "approved" my work, i didn't have anything else to do. so i decided to start doing my report as i am falling behind. everyone had started writing in their report book. i in the other hand, had not even scribbled one word in my report book. i already wrote about my day in the office in my blog.. so what i have to do is to write back what i wrote in my blog, minus the crappy part. i continued writing my report after lunch. i finished writing my report until 2nd Feb which is today at about 3.30 pm. my hands hurts like hell. the weird thing about my hand is, i am right handed but my left hand hurts too. this is bcoz the nerves in my brain got tangled up and interconnected both of my left and right brain together. so if i write with my right hand, my left hand also moves. but it doesnt move that obvious. some of my friends who knew about my "cacat-ness" thinks it's weird to have both of my hands move when i write or do anything which involves moving either hands. but i'm quite good at the game of seeing whether i could move both of my hands in 2 different ways and then change hands. ala. i bet all of u had played this game when you were small. what i have to do is by using my left hand, i have to tap my thigh while my other hand has to rub against my thigh. although i am "cacat", i am pretty good at this. my sister failed at doing it. we were trying to see who was more "tere" and she failed miserably.

Lunch: Ate at JFZ. Ordered food. I ordered Kuey Tiow Hokkein + Iced Lime. Its been awhile since I ordered Kuey Tiow Hokkein. Last time was during my practical at PITM (2004). It was yummy! Fidah ordered Nasi Goreng Paprik + Sky Juice. I have to remember to order something hot to drink next time. My cough is getting worst. Hihihi. I haven't buy the cough syrup yet. maybe this evening after i wash my car, i can go and hop in the new kedai runcit next to the mamak stall. my car is really dirty. it has not been washed for almost 3 weeks. i have a feeling its going to rain this evening. its always like that whenever i have the urge to wash my car, it will usually rain cats and dog. god is testing me again.

News flash!
- Fidah will be going to Ipoh to pay her last visit to her sister's mother in-law who passed away today. wow. last week was her grandfather and today her auntie. how ironic. i dont know whether S (the GM) will actually believe this. 2 deaths in 2 weeks. Fidah wont be coming to work tomorrow. So i'll be all alone on friday. hmm. thinking whether i'm going to go solo for lunch tomorrow.
- Syaini will be coming tonight to sent her things to my house. she'll be coming to cyberjaya on monday after the exam. what exam? i dont really know. i forgot to ask her. its something about "pegawai kebudayaan".

it rained cats and dogs by the time we reached Cyberia. hmm. i guess i'm not going to wash my car after all. syaini came at 9.15. she brought half of her family: her mother, her dad, her grandma, 2 of her younger sister, 1 elder sis, 1 elder brother (i assume). so 5 siblings came along out of 13. hahaha. her dad and brother did not go up with us ladies. i'd already invited them but they declined. i felt as if my house was a female hostel. hahhaa. syaini didn't bring a lot of stuff and her family did not stay long at my house. after leaving her stuff at my house, they left at about 9.30. i escorted them to the lower ground just in case they got lost. fidah stayed home. after saying goodbye to syaini and her family, I went to the ground floor to check the mailbox. my mailbox was empty. while waiting for the lift, fidah suddenly came out from the lift and said her mother has arrived and said goodbye. i realised she got off on the wrong floor so i pressed the down lift button for fidah. ehehe. her lift came 1st so i bid her farewell and got on my lift. here i am all alone in my room in front of my pc writing this while listening to Stacie Orrico's album and sms-ing my dear friend, serai (also known as lemon grass).

3 Feb 2006 (Friday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

Today, I have no work. The office was really hot. I think the aircon was not working. sitting next to the window is a real bad luck. i cant see my monitor clearly as the sun is shining straight towards my computer screen. ok now i can feel the aircon. I came across this website - very funny comics there.

Work: At about 11 am, L came and I asked me to change Tek Chan from a Chinese to an Indian. His new name is Sam. My task was to change all of Tek Chan in the intro section. I finished changing all of Tek Chan from the Intro section at about 2 pm and showed L my work. She liked my work and told me to do the rest of the section except for the Reinforcement section. coz she's going to do that part. I went to pray Zuhur and continued my work. finished the Concept section at about 5.40 pm. i went home late today. huhu.

Lunch: Ate at JFZ... ALONE! I ate nasi campur. and i ordered Air Suam. hahaha. that's the first! The owner asked why i was alone today and I told her my friend had to go back to her hometown. The owner knows me as i've been dining at her restaurant for 5 years. hahaha. but the thing is, her daughter has not grown an each. the last time i saw her daughter was 3 years ago and she was still in kindergarten. and now after 3 years, she is still in kindergarten. hmm.. she is the only child that i see no changes. other kids grow fast but this kid is still the same size. its not that she's short but its bcoz she's still in kindergarten. i thought she should be in primary school by now coz she's kind of tall for a 6 year old.



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