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2nd Week at Work

2nd Week at Work

23 Jan 2006 (Monday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

Work: I was in high spirit to finish up the 2 last topics for the English Sign Language. but half way through my work, L said Aris will be taking over the video editing and she'll give me some work on graphics. i was assigned to do the background scene for one of the section for EF3. i had to do some tracing using Flash! there were 2 scenes. 1. scene in the supermarket. 2. scene in a park or a playground. wah. the horror! i've never traced in Flash before so i was pretty nervous about doing the background scene. L asked me to search for pictures which later she will choose a few. i'll trace it back based on the pictures she has chosen. so i downloaded a few photos from my "bestfriend" - CORBIS and showed her the photos. she picked a couple of photos so i started from there. she showed me a few recent project which they had done before and said that i could just use some of the graphics rather than tracing it all by scratch. so i did that. i copied and pasted some graphics and put them all together. i think the only thing i drew was the grass and the park lane. hahahhaa. i showed it to her and she told me the park would be nicer if there was a bench. so i drew a bench including the shadings and all. Hihi. i uploaded my work on the network before i went home. fingers crossed. hope she wont reject my work. i hope that the file will be there until tomorrow.

Lunch: Had lunch in the office. Fidah didn't come to office today (refer to previous post) so i had already asked my mummy to make me some chilli tuna sandwiches for lunch.

The staff showed their work to Pn. Bis and one of it was Super Rajoo (SR). the song was really cute and after hearing it i was humming all day long. "super rajoo has a nose, has a nose, has a nose. super rajoo has a nose, where he use it to smell". it goes something like that. i dont quite remember. anyways SR freaks me out a bit. his eyes are way too big for his face and i agree about the teeth. it is way too big! it looks like jim carrey's teeth in The Mask.

24 Jan 2006 (Tuesday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

Work: as soon as i reached the office, i open the network group to see whether my work was still there. and to my horror i couldn't find the file. so i checked every single file in the folder and there was one new file - scene_playground. my file was scene_dieha. so i opened scene_playground and was relieved to see that L rename my file and the file was not edited in any way. yippie! she likes it? i guess so. if not she would have said something right? so i started off doing the next scene - the supermarket scene which was a lot harder. coz i had to draw many grocery item on the shelf. canned soup is one of the important things i have to traced coz one of the character will pick one tin and look at it and placed it back on the shelf. after finishing the canned soup, i started doing other grocery items like bottle drinks. there were 3 flavours. i made the liquid transparent and it looked kinda nice. hahhaa. bcoz the bottles were overlapping each other so it kinda looked like the real thing only its graphics. one other item to draw. what should i draw? i was stuck. so i copied a cereal box from the other EF3 sections and change the colour and name of cereal. hahaha. i must admit i am quite innovative at times. just copy from other people's work and adjust it from there. >:)

Lunch: Had lunch at JFZ, Street Mall with Fidah. Ate nasik campur.

At about 5.15 i got a sms from Fad asking me whether i could sent him to the ERL station. Nizam had left the office so Fad was stuck in Cyberjaya. Poor thing. so i drove him there. i repeatedly said to him that i wasnt sure where the ERL station is. i've checked the Net and it was in precint 7. near the hospital. but Fad showed to us the wrong way. haha. wow. thank god i didn't get panic. hihi. as i've said earlier, i wont risk going to places where the roads are not familiar. We were lost. i drove to a few places which i haven't even known existed. i kept in mind.. it must be in precint 7. at last we reached a familiar road, where i usually drive on when i go to Alamanda. so i turned left into Precint 7 and took another left turn after the Fire Station. and on our right was the ERL station. the only thing i was really frustrated was there were not a single signboard stating where the ERL station was. but there was a signboard - "Perhentian something Penumpang something Muatan". which doesnt even make sense. i dropped off Fad and we bid him farewell. i know the way home Fad, don't worry. hihi. We reached home at about 6.15. i guess we got lost for quite awhile. the streets in Putrajaya can really play tricks on you. everything looks the same.

25 Jan 2006 (Wednesday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

Work: i uploaded 2 supermarket scenes in the network. it looks quite similar just the angle was a bit different. my work was done so i was thinking of tracing something else. maybe a bread or something. just to practise on my tracing skills. later, err.. what's her name aa? bcoz i dont know her name.. i'll call her X1 for now. hihi. (updated: Her name is A). Later, A gave me Super Rajoo and asked me whether it was possible for me to cut him into jigsaw pieces. this was the activity to replace the ones Pn. Bis had commented. she didnt want super rajoo to pick up his eyes and put his eyes back on after the user has click on them. she wanted it to be like a jigsaw puzzle. so i started cutting him up into separate pieces. each jigsaw pieces has to be a movieclip so it would be easier for A to program the add and drop function later. Later, J gave me some work. i had to add in 2 more client logos - HSBC and Shell in Internexia's Portfolio CD. the logo she gave was in gif so it was kind of pixelated so i had to traced back the logo. After lunch, i had finish doing what J's gave me. L came and told me that I had to go to the studio along with Aris to shoot videos on English Sign Language. we had to do 2 topics - Games and Places. i was the person who had to say out loud the word and sentence. P was the one doing all the sign language. she's quite friendly. i like her. even from editing the video i can see she was really friendly. when it was finally finished and P gave the sign language for the very last word, i was saying THE END very happily. but suddenly P said we had to do the last one again coz she had made a mistake spelling UNIVERSITY, instead she spelt it as UNIVERSITI. that spoilt the excitement. hahah. we had to reshoot 3 times some more. wah. thank god i am very patient and wasn't in a bad mood so i was ok with it. hihi. anyway i really had a nice day at work today. maybe bcoz i got to do 4 different work in one day given by different people. so it wasn't as boring as my usual day.

Lunch: Had lunch at Hassan's Cafe, Street Mall with Fidah. We both ate Nasi Goreng Paprik. Yummy. i have a hunch that tomorrow we'll be dining at JFZ.

After work, i sent Fad to the ERL station again but using a different route. :P it took me only 15 minutes to get there. yesterday was about half an hour (including the time we got lost and pusing2 at PCC).

26 Jan 2006 (Thursday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

In the morning, there was a black out. fidah was in the toilet taking her shower. i asked whether she's ok but there was no reply. it was pretty dark in the toilet u know. anyone who is not really use to cyberia blacking out all the time will get scared and panic. especially if you are in the toilet. hihihi. i grabbed my torchlight and started off my operation in switching back the electricity back on. i tried to swith on the main switch in the fuse box but again it went off. i switched off both aircon coz i thought maybe it was bcoz of the aircon and tried to switch the main switch back on. and again it went off. so i tried my luck switching off only one of the 10 power sources and tried switching the main switch and it didnt went off. phew. i switched the one i turned off to see whether it the source on why my house blacked out but it didnt. i seriously dont understand la this electrical thingy, thank god i didnt take electical engineering. if i did took the offer MMU gave me, what kind of person would i be like if i was an engineer? hmmm. i would definately be all nerdy. i think i would act like i am "konon hebat", a serious type of person and very boring. just like my dad! hahahha. adeh jahat nye. kutuk bapak sendiri. astagfirullahhalazim

Work: no work today. muahahaha. the only thing i did in the morning was published one of the flash files i edited yesterday. Pearl asked me to publish the flash file on Internexia's portfolio. its the one that i had to add HSBC and Shell's logos the time is now 9.39 am. i am surfing the web looking at flash tutorials at i hope they'll be giving me some work coz seriously i am feeling extremely bored now. i want to edit videos but aris is doing it now. what to do.. what to do! uwarghhh!! at 10.30, all of my friends had vanished, even fidah. where has everybody gone to?? uwarghh so bored. i'm so hungry. i want to eat the keyboard!! 1/2 an hour more before lunch. still no work to be done. i've done several online tutorials.

Lunch: Had lunch at JFZ (as predicted). We brought along Fad this time. hehehe. He ordered
Nasi Goreng Kampung while both of us opt for the Nasi Campur.

Right after lunch, L came and gave me work. she told me to redraw super rajoo. i mean the face only. change the eyes, the nose the mouth. make him cuter. hmmm. i change the nose into different types of noses : big - small - button nose. his eyes i changed it to resemble a real human eye. the mouth was kind of cartoonish. super rajoo was looking like a cut and paste job! hahahhaa. i really am not good at drawing people's faces. uwarrghh!

27 Jan 2006 (Friday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

Work: Continued my work on super rajoo. L was standing beside Uma (a trainee there) at the time and called me to come and join. i guess i have a new job. she showed us her work on "Super Rajoo". she had drawn him in different poses. the new super rajoo was looking slightly like the baby in The Incredibles. seriously i think the new super rajoo IS the baby in The Incredibles! anyway, she's a hell of a tracer. in like a few hours (or it is less) she could create such amazing work. she's been in this designing business for years, so for sure she has the experience and the skills. huhu. i hope i'll reach her level soon. so now my work is to use her drawing and edit the original super rajoo into the new and improved super rajoo. the new rajoo was a bit skinnier than the original one so i had to make him a new suit. ehehe. I helped P to paste in the image on the CD cover in Illustrator using a Mac. i'm not familiar with Mac so i rather blur on how to paste in the image. I even forgot how to right click in Mac. hahaha. the last time i used Mac was about 5 years ago. i finished one pose of super rajoo by the end of the day and was quite happy with the result. i have a few more poses to edit so i think i am able to finish it by friday next week.

Lunch: We (Raf + Me) had lunch at JFZ. We ordered "goreng-goreng" this time. I ordered Nasi Goreng Ayam with Lemon Tea. Fidah ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung with Sky Juice.



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