Monday, January 23, 2006

Outing with friends (21 Jan 2006)

Wah. what a day! although syaini and i had to wait 3-4 hours for all of you guys to arrive, it was a fun fun fun day!! i had such a great time spending time out with you guys. unfortunately, not everyone was able to come. some came but went back again due to personal reasons.

as soon as we reached midvalley, syaini and i went to the lower ground 1st to buy some breakfast at Breadtalk. syaini bought a sardine roll while i bought myself a chicken cheese bun. we went up to third floor and walk around. then, we went inside pets wonderland and then waited around the central south to wait for the lion dance to start. but we weren't there when the show started. ash called that he just arrived. i can barely hear what he was saying as the line was really bad. i nearly went deaf.

later fatimah also called me and told she and fidah with a couple of friends just arrived. so we plan to meet at GSC. we went to McD which was near to GSC and treated ourselves a couple of sundae cones, sat and waited for them again. ash appeared 15 minutes later and dissapeared again, living us with a big green box on the table. we peeked inside. inside was a half eaten chocolate cake.

fatimah called me again and i told her that we were sitting near the giant letter M. ehehe. what a very convenient landmark. M for Madihah. M for M.J. M for Margarita. M for Mama? seconds later fatimah and the gang arrived. fatimah had no problem finding us. fatimah brought along her lovely friend hamidah and rafidah brought along her little sister. minutes later, roslan arrived. we felt relieved as some did show up after all. nizam and inaz could not make it as they had work to do.

ash reappeared out of nowhere and forced us to finish his cake. i 'rasmikan' the cake by eating the strawberries off the cake. syaini ate one too. hihihi. there were crushed pistachio nuts on top of the cake. we ate about half of the half eaten cake. so there was a quarter cake left to be eaten. but no one could eat another slice. i bet we all could finish the cake if only ash sponsored us some refreshments. kih kih kih. we were all basically choking to death as the cake was really thick and creamy and the crushed nuts was sticking to our throats.

unfortunately fidah didn't had the time to print the map that i had emailed her last thursday, so i had to draw her the map. i hope she could understand what i drew. later, fidah had to go back to her hometown as her grandfather had just passed away that very morning. innalilahhiwainnahirojiun. so one member had to leave. huhu. i'll be seeing you on sunday, fidah. she'll be moving into my house. now there were 4 girls - me, syaini, fatimah, hamidah and 2 boys - roslan and ash. fad will be a little late. so thats 3 boys. total = 7 people.

we planned to buy some movie tickets but what movie should we watch? we had a hard time choosing which movie to watch as most of the movies we want to see was either sold out or the screening time was too late. we even joked about watching a tamil movie - Saravanan instead, if there was no other movies to watch. i was interested in watching either King Kong, Long Khong or Wallace and Gromit. at last i suggested that we better watch Wallace and Gromit : The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. i love wallace and gromit. i don't know about the others, but i think they will love it too. i have a soft toy of Shawn the sheep from wallace & gromit. he's a water bottle actually. hihi. my sister bought him from UK. this is his picture below. cute huh?

after buying 7 tickets, we went to level 2 Jaya Jusco heading towards the surau to pray. again the boys went missing. i seriously do not know whether they like to play hide or seek or they are actually harry houdini's grandsons. they like to dissappear just like that without telling us where they are going.. hmmphhff. i bet when they were small, their mothers had to tie a chain around their necks so they wont run around and get lost. muahahha. >:)

after prayer, we went window shopping while waiting for roslan and ash to reappear. i had tried to call ash but there was no answer. later, ash reappeared. we continued to look around as we had to wait for him to pray. i hate waiting, i seriously do. i think i have waited for people half of my life. thats like 12 years of waiting. minutes later, he came out. we went up to the foodcourt to meet with roslan. we bought our food and drinks and had our late lunch together.

the mama-papa thingy is getting out of hand. aiyah. i nearly vomitted everytime they called me mama. huhu. i'm too young to become a mama. i don't want u to call me mama. so geli la. if i'm the mama.. and he's the papa then who are my children? syaini is most definately one of my daughters coz she keeps calling me mama and him papa. apparently syaini had once act as her daughter anyway. hahaha. but i never was his wife ok? i was aris ex-fiance though. hahaha. and syaini was my mother. but now my mother is my daughter. what a weird family. so confusing.

after we ate lunch, we went to GSC. it was nearly 4.45 so we went inside the cinema. our seats was on the 2nd row. so we kinda had to sit in a slumping position. the boys had a nasty idea to separate fatimah and her friend hamidah. but later fad change seats and sat next to syaini. so the seating position was fad - syaini - me - ash - roslan - fatimah - hamidah.

we were sitting snugly beside each other. hua hua hua. the show starts off with a short clip of Madagascar on Christmas eve. i kinda forgot the exact title but it was the cartoon madagascar during christmas season. it was the story about the penguins whose mission was to make a very sad polar bear get into the festive mood. i think the clip was about 15-20 minutes or less.

i don't know whether syaini was joking or not, but after madagascar ended, she said.. "ok lets go home". besides that, during madagascar clip was shown ash kept asking me, "this is not wallace & gromit rite?" - the actual movie we were suppose to watch. i was getting worried as i myself was starting to have doubts. did we enter the correct cinema? this is cinema 14, rite? isk isk. u guys aa. always like to make me confuse.

wallace & gromit was really funny and extremely cute. it even had that thriller effect where you bite your fingers and said.. oh nooo!!! there were a few people who laughed out so loud, i felt like laughing myself. i think i teared up a bit bcoz of laughing to hard. i love gromit and i hate wallace coz he always treats gromit like a servant.

after seeing the movie i really felt that i need to get myself a bunny rabbit. i want an angora pls. a big fat white one with black spots - just like a dairy cow. a cow bunny!!! the movie started at 4.55 and ended at 6.30. after the movie we all went back home. fatimah went back with her friend hamidah with hamidah's car. ash and fad went back with their cars. me, syaini and roslan drove the train to get back home. muahahaha.



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