Saturday, January 14, 2006

Internexia: Work-placement

Internexia: Work-placement

Guess what? I'll be starting my work-placement on the 16th of January (Yes!! 16th!! This MONDAY!!) which is 3 weeks earlier than the date I should be starting. Erm. So for the 1st week, I'll be all alone in Cyberjaya, coz the 1st class will be joining me on the 21st of Jan. And later the 2nd class (which is my class) will be joining me on 6th of February.

Internexia wants me to start early as they want me to finish a prototype of an online e-learning flash-based application for the MOE (Ministry of Education). I was assigned to do the graphics. Hmm. The storyboard they gave me was a syllabus for Form 3 students. I hope I'm able to do well and at least I'm able to (at least) make them like my work. For a designer.. you never know, rite?! I have to be prepared with nasty comments just like Che Mat has drilled us before. Ehehehe.

I hope I don't get bored within the 1st week in Cyberia as they will be NO INTERNET ACCESS at Cyberia for the whole 2 months I'm doing my work-placement. Huhuhu. I hope I don't die with boredom. 2nd week will be a bit fun coz Rafidah will be staying with me in Cyberia and the boys will be joining me at Internexia, Cyberjaya. 6th Feb.. Syaini will be staying with us. Yeay!

I won't be blogging for awhile.. unless I go back to Gombak on weekends. Okay.. wish me luck! Uwaaaaaaaaaa......... :((



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