Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I was bored so i did this survey

I was bored so i did this survey

Start with 100%, and take away 1% for everything you've done/that's happened to you on this list. If you did ONE thing you would put 99%.

-Drank alcohol.
-Cried when someone died.
-Been drunk.
-Had sex.
-Been to a concert.
-Given a blowjob/gotten a blowjob.
-Been verbally/sexually harassed.
-Verbally/sexually harassed somebody.
-Felt someone up and/or been felt up.
-Laughed so hard something came out of your nose.
-Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend before.
-Been cheated on by a boyfriend/girlfriend.
-Been to prom.
-Cried at school.
-Gotten lost in a WalMart or a department store.
-Went streaking.
-Given a lap dance.
-Had someone of the opposite sex in your room.
-Had someone of the opposite sex sleep over.
-Slept over at someone of the opposite sex
-Kissed a stranger.
-Hugged a stranger.
-Went scuba diving.
-Driven a car.
-Gotten an xray.
-Hit by a car.
-Done drugs.
-Played strip poker.
-Got paid to strip for someone.
-Ran away from home.
-Broken a bone.
-Eaten sushi.
-Bought porn.
-Watched porn.
-Made porn.
-Had a crush on someone of the same sex.
-Been in love.
-Frenched kissed.
-Laughed so hard you cried.
-Cried yourself to sleep.
-Laughed yourself to sleep.
-Stabbed yourself.
-Shot a gun.
-Trash talked someone and then acted like their best friend the next day.
-Watched TV for 9 consecutive hours.
-Been online for 9 consecutive hours.
-Watched an animal die.
-Watched a person die.
-Had sex and/or messed around somewhere with at least person present.
-Pranked somebody.
-Put somebody in the hospital.
-Snuck into someone's room and/or your own room after being out.
-Kissed somebody of the same sex.
-Dressed punk.
-Dressed goth.
-Dressed preppy.
-Been to a motocross race.
-Avoided somebody.
-Been stalked.
-Stalked someone.
-Met a celebrity.
-Played an instrument.
-Ridden a horse.
-Cut yourself.
-Bungee jumped.
-Ding dong ditched somebody.
-Been to a wild party.
-Got caught stealing something.
-Kicked a guy in the balls.
-Stolen a boyfriend/girlfriend from a friend.
-Went out with your friend's crush.
-Got arrested.
-Been pregnant.
-Been to another country.
-Started your house on fire.
-Had an encounter with a ghost.
-Donated your hair to cancer patients.
-Been asked out by someone that you never thought you'd to be asked out by.
-Cried over a member of the opposite sex.
-Had a boyfriend/girlfriend for over 3 months.
-Sat on your ass all day.
-Ate a whole carton of ice cream all by yourself.
-Had a job.
-Gotten cut from a sports team.
-Been called a whore.
-Danced like a whore.
-Been mistaken for a celebrity.
-Been in a car accident.
-Been told you have beautiful eyes.
-Been told you have beautiful hair.
-Raped somebody.
-Danced in the rain.
-Been rejected.
-Walked out of a restaurant without paying.
-Punched someone/slapped someone in the face

My score is 60%. Wow! There were 40 things I've done or that's happened to me. Thats a lot!

Pass it on and find out what scummy friends u have! :D



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