Sunday, January 22, 2006

1st Week at Work

1st Week at Work

16 Jan 2006 (Monday)

I woke up at 6. Had my shower and took my breakfast (oatmeal + hot milo). I waited until 7.45 am and left the house. i arrived at the office at exactly 8.00 am. I parked at the visitors carpark which is quite far from my office. I stopped in front of the main entrance and took a deep breath. rang the doorbell and there was a sound that signalled that i can now open the door.

i told KL that i was supposed to start work today. KL and J was quite shocked bcoz then i had to miss two weeks of classes. they didn't know that i was coming. hmm. my heart started to beat faster. OMG. S and H had not arrived yet so they asked me to sit down and wait for S or H.

Finally H came and showed me my workstation. i was given an access card (oh god not another one of this goofy looking smartcards. i have 2 now! 1 for cyberia and 1 for office). i also got an office email with my name on it. my real name that is. hohohoho.

Work: I was supposed to design an interface for EF3 project. So i did one but they didn't like it. F said it was too pastel and not general. Not really a great day for me. Huhu.

Lunch: Tapau food from T-Cafe. Ate in office in front of PC. there weren't many food left so i just took some veggies. i felt like a vegetarian today. the cafe only serve "buffet". kononla. so anything we took, whether its a lot or just a tiny piece of chicken and nothing else.. its gonna be RM3.80.

17 Jan 2006 (Tuesday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

I parked my car next to the office this time coz the gate was wide open. i might be parking my car for the rest of the week at the same spot so i don't need to walk such a long distance anymore.

H gave me a CD to install fireworks. Yippie!! Now I can really design an interface. i'm not really good at drawing directly in Flash coz I was so used to using Fireworks to design all my interface/graphics and then import them in Flash.

Work: Did a few more interfaces.

Lunch: Went back to Cyberia to have my lunch.

18 Jan 2006 (Wednesday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

H has been change to handle M project, so EF3 project is now under L.

Work: L gave me an interface that she has done and asked me whether i could edit the interface by changing the gradient colours and the layout arrangements. having zero knowledge in gradient colors, i stumbled quite a bit. but later L showed me how to change the colors and fortunately my brain is still working well and absorbed what she taught me like a sponge. phew! tried to change the interface in a few different colours but none of it looks nice. huhu.

Lunch: brought my own lunch from home. it was chilli tuna sandwiches.

19 Jan 2006 (Thursday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

Work: Continued my work on changing the interface colour. was more successful today coz i use bold dark colours rather that those bright2 ones. L said yesterday that she wants me to edit some videos but she didn't give me any work. i guess the vids were not ready yet, coz i saw her transferring the vids into the pc. so i continues on changing the interface colour. i was working like crazy. i even use the colour "english rose" which is pink purple and it looks kinda so-so. hahah. i think my blue, brown and grey interface looks quite good. but i dont know what L has to say.. yet.

Lunch: Tapau food from T-Cafe. Ate in office in front of PC.

20 Jan 2006 (Friday)

Breakfast: Oatmeal + hot milo

today starts of a little bit funny. as i arrive at the main entrance of the building where my office is located, the usual pak guards were standing up straight outside side-by-side and giving me a salute as i drive thru the main gate. huhuhu. they both had a wide smile on their faces. i laughed so hard until tears streamed down my cheeks. i guess its bcoz i always raised my hand, waved at them and smile everytime they open the gate for me and now they are doing it to me to return the gesture. muahahhaa. those silly guards. lets see whether they will be giving me the salute next week.

Work: was finally given videos which had to be cut in separate frames. i was given a list of scripts as reference. it was on Sign Languages, so i was quite entertained. i learnt a lot of sign languages today. but the easiest to remember is about fruits. what i can remember so far are: banana, grape, durian, mangosteen, watermelon, cat, buffalo, beard, tree, flower, forest etc. what intrigued me the most was that even in Sign Language (English) - they have a special sign to show past tense and plurals. there were 9 to 10 topics that i had to edit. and by the end of the day i managed to finish almost 6 topics, which are on numbers, vehicles, fruits, animals, flowers, direction & road signs.

Lunch: although lunch hour on friday is still one hour, i decided to have lunch at Street Mall.. alone! i was still thinking whether i should tapau or dine in. hmm. but when i saw that FnZ JFZ restaurant was still empty and there were not many people inside, i decided to have my lunch there. there were a couple of other people who were eating ALONE. so i guess that cheered me up a bit. at least i have "friends". hahaaha. all the solo people were eating next to the huge window which was overlooking the scenery of the small pond. hihih. there were no tortoise perching on the rock today. sigh. Lunch was yummy as there were many dishes to choose from - unlike the dishes at T-Cafe... OMG it was like apple and oranges. i don't mind paying a few more ringgit to get more choices in food rather than paying RM3.80 for a few undesirable looking dishes.



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