Sunday, January 22, 2006

15 January 2006 (Sun)

15 Jan 2006 (Sun)

i packed my stuff for a week but my mummy said i packed for a month. huhu. ok i cannot help it. i have to bring everything. if not i wont feel secure. i will feel as though my things are not complete. its a "cancer" thing u know. i meant the zodiac sign.. not the disease.

my sis asked me whether i can still remember how to drive a car. saje je nak takutkan org. i wasn't that worried coz my kelisa is an automatic car.. and i dont think driving an auto car is that hard. lagi2 kat cyberjaya.. where the streets are not that busy.

we depart to cyberjaya at about 2 pm. we went there with 2 cars. my mum and I in my kelisa. and daddy and my sis in mum's CRV. my mum is the one who drives my car to cyberjaya.. like always. haha. i feel so handicapped. i should apply for the Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) coz i AM helpless at driving long distance or any area which i am not familiar with.

i asked mummy to make a short visit to my new office to make sure i know where to go and how to get back. i went there only once, which was when i attended my interview at Internexia a few weeks ago. my mum stopped the car and switched places with me. i was going to drive the car to cyberia. i had goosebumps coz its been ages since i was behind the wheel. but by the time we reached the crossroad near the MSC building... i got the hang of it.

we arrived cyberia safely. my cyberia card wsn't working. the card couldn't open the gate. so the guard had to open the gate for us. the weird thing is, the 2nd card which is with dad - was working fine. my card is an owners card so it should work no matter what. the 2nd card has to be paid once in a few months in order for it to work.

we cleaned up the house. i unpack my stuff and hang all my cloths. had to boil a lot of water to fill up the fridge. i'm a cold water freak so i need all the cold water.

mummy has already bought some lauk for my dinner. they (dad+mum+sis) will be heading to puchong for a wedding before heading straight home. they already brought along extra clothes so they can get ready here in cyberia and off they went. sob sob sob.

erm. i had already iron 2 tudungs for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. talk about boredom. i was even thinking of ironing 5 tudungs for the whole week. work starts at 8.15 and ends at 5.15. long day. how many hours is that? 9 hours. i'm not sure why it start a quarter pass 8 and ends a quarter pass 5. weird stuff.

i'm kinda worried about lunch tomorrow. am i going to fast or tapau food from home or buy food from outside or go back home and eat?! hmm. i don't think i capable of going to lunch with internexia staffs yet. not with any friends around. that is IF they invite me to join them. erm. what should i do. i might as well fast tomorrow as i have one day left to ganti my puasa. ok i'll definately fast tomorrow. just to see how things will go. buy on Tuesday i have to buy smtg for lunch. huhuh. i miss u guys so much la!! uwaaaaa.

the agony.. the loneliness.. the boredom.. uwaaa!

just finished my dinner. spent my lonely nite by sms-ing my sis, syaini and not forgetting my new mysterious friend. :x hahahaa.



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