Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What Makes Me Happy

What Makes Me Happy
by Madihah MJ

Happiness is:

Cute cats and babies
A baby’s giggle
Children’s laughter
Smiling faces… friendly faces
A warm meal
Ice cream cakes… moist chocolate cakes
Friday’s… can’t wait for the weekend
A hot Milo on a rainy day… an iced Milo on a hot day
Bread and butter pudding
Knowing how to make your own meal
Good health and no worries
When I do good things
Fuzzy animal babies
Completing the last piece of the puzzle
A family holiday
The first bud of rose blooming
An outing with friends
Finding out someone cares for you
Being able to forget about the past and move on
Finally getting out of school
A sleepover with a bunch of good friends
Knowing that you have a friend to talk to
A picnic beside the beach
Listening to the waves of sea
Someone who gives his seat… someone who makes a sacrifice
Star gazing
Watching the sun sets
Winning a game
Getting all A’s in very subject
Going out with someone you like
A rainbow… after the rain
A baby fast asleep… a baby’s first steps
Coming home and seeing all your favourite food on the table
Meeting old friends
Reminisce about the good times
Hearing someone wish you Happy Birthday
An empty seat on the LRT
Free gifts
Getting gifts from your loved ones
Seeing a miracle happen



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