Tuesday, October 04, 2005

1st Day Training

1st Day Training

6.00 am
- my handphone alarm when off, i hit the snooze button and went back to sleep

6.15 am
- 15 minutes later, i ask my sister to open the door coz our room has a "iron bar" or "palang" attached to the door which i have always had trouble to remove (but i find it easy to put on the "palang".. weird huh)
- my sis mumbled smtg. she told me to remove the "palang" myself. herm.. {+_+}
- i try to remove it on my 1st try and succeeded

6.20 am
- bath time. shampoo-ed my hair.

6.30 am
- dried my hair. haha.. wah why so detail? ok ok..

6.45 am
- ate breakfast
- ate 2 slices of bread with peanut butter + hot milo
- was about to choke on the peanut butter bcoz it was too thick. there was no jam in the fridge. so had to finish the sandwich fast.
- i think i have a phobia of peanut butter getting stuck on the roof of my mouth (Arachidnophobia)

7.00 am
- got dress
- last check the contents of my bag.
- brought 2 bags. 1 sling bag + 1 paper bag to fill my file, water bottle, kain telekung with socks

7.30 am
- went down and saw my dad who promised to sent me all the way to KL sentral still munching on his bread.
- i was waiting for him, but still he continue his breakfast and went on eating his 3rd slice of bread {-_-}

7.35 am
- depart from home to Tmn Melati LRT station
- bid farewell to my mum

7.45 am
- arrive at Tmn Melati LRT station
- bid farewell to my dad

7.46 am
- got on the 2nd LRT train
- the train was not that packed.
- erm. i spoke to soon.
- as soon as the train reached Setiawangsa, a bunch of girls with long hair surrounded me.
- note to myself: pls avoid standing near females with long hair. they never learn tie their hair. sexy la konon. they like to play with their hair. toss their hair around. i nearly choked on a few strands of hair. by the time i reached KL Sentral i might cough out a hairball.

8.15 am
- reached KL Sentral LRT station
- went down and bought a cheese sandwich for lunch
- went straight to Internexia

8.30 am
- reached Internexia. was the 1st to arrive (again!)
- waited a few minutes. later some others arrive.
- Met with my new classmate, Fatimah.

9.00 am
- went inside out class with Fatimah
- no sign of the boys (my other classmates)

9.15 am
- Madam Sunita went in our class.
- i briefly introduce myself.
- told my name and where i came from. i said my friend, Syaini will be joining us next week. but i'm not sure whether she'll be joining our class or the class next door.

9.30 am
- Madam Sunita continued on asking me a bunch of question to know more about me.
- it felt like an eternity. blablablabla. i told her everything.

9.45 am
- one boy came in, Ash. not Ash from Malaysian Idol. this is a different Ash. Malay ok! not Indian. eheh.
- we continued with class
- Madam Sunita was explaining about sumthing. what was it about? i forgot. oppsie.

10.00 am
- another boy came in. Madam Sunita called him Easy or Izi. at 1st i was like what? Easy? he is easy? haha. then i saw the name on his file. Faizi. ooooo.
- went on with our lesson which is on Ethics.
- i answered a few question

11.30 am
- tea time or toilet break

12.00 noon
- Madam Sunita gave us a few task to do during/after lunch break.
- a few group work and question to answer and presented in front of class.
- i paired up with Fatimah

1.00 pm
- lunch time
- didnt went to eat. we straight away went to surau which was located near to the buildings foodcourt.
- the foodcourt was UGLY! it reminded me of the foodcourt in Sungei Wang.
- the surau was so-so. there was a couple of people curled on the floor. they were sleeping. uwargh. this reminded me of those days in PITM (my practical). Uya and Melal "hasut" me to join them to have some "rest" at the surau during office hours. especially after lunch. i only joined them once. and as predicted i couldnt sleep.

1.30 pm
- went back to Internexia. straight to the lab. the internet was really slow. so we went back to class. Fatimah said that she was not sure whether we could actually use the computer during lunch hour.
- Madam Sunita said we can use the computer lab any time of the day. so again we went back to the lab.
- discussed a few question with Fatimah.

2.00 pm
- went back to class
- tried to figure out the most logical answer we could find.

2.20 pm
- my nose was not functioning well. i was sniffing all the way.
- went to the toilet to blow my nose. {-..-}

2.30 pm
- it was presentation time.
- huh? oo.. so we had to stand in front on class and tell everyone our answer. Madam Sunita was sitting at the back of the class.
- we girls went 1st, then the boys.
- as we did it in group. i presented with Fatimah. Ash with Izi.

2.40 pm
- all went well. Madam Sunita said we should have presented using power points etc.
- i was thinking maybe i could present using Flash. but of coz that was not available.
- anyway we didnt had much time to really prepare for the presentation. the computers in the lab was so damn slow.
- i can see, Izi was kind of struggling. he hasnt finish answering the question.

3.00 pm
- went on to our next lesson which is on "Fighting Corruption".
- in our opinion we have to choose which one is much worse, to offer or to accept bribery? and why?
- Izi and I answered : to offer bribery is worst
- Ash and Fatimah answered : to accept bribery is worst

3.15 pm
- continue our lesson on Case Study : Profit or Principle?
- some more discussion

4.00 pm
- time to go home. yeay! yippie!
- before we went home, i asked Fatimah her h/p number. suddenly, the boys join in and were asking for each others h/p number. thank god we have only 4 classmates. if not, i will be going home at 5!

4.10 pm
- walked back to KL Sentral with Fatimah. Her stop is at Ampang Park. She'll be taking a bus from there.
- took the 2nd train. the train wasnt that full but still i had too stand. i stand the whole way.

4.45 pm
- nearing Wangsa Maju LRT station i called home. dad was home. so was mummy.

5.00 pm
- reached Tmn Melati. top up my LRT ticket.
- my mum was already there. :)


P.s: today, 1st terawikh. I would like to wish you all a merry christmas. eh. silap lak. I would like to wish you all a Happy Fasting! jgn tinggal pose tau.



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