Thursday, September 15, 2005



Survey #1

[1] what made you happy this week?
- finally bought my new specs and new cloths. (its frame is very thick, red colour with tinted lens. cant believe i just bought them)

[2] what made you sad this week?
- sad bcoz i have nothing to do.

[3] has someone/somebody made u happy lately?
- those cats at berjaya times square cheered me up quite a bit.

[4] how are you feeling at the moment?
- feeling bored

[5] are you the type of person who easily gets hurt?
- yup. most of the time.

[6] do you cry?
- not right now.

[7] have you ever been to a point in your life that you've thought about giving up?
- yup.

[8] last movie you watched?
- deuce bigalow european gigolo

[9] with who?
- alone

[10] the last song you heard?
- hmm. Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes

[11] the last thing you bought?
- new specs and cloths.

[12] the last place you went?
- Giant @ Tmn Melawati

[13] the last food you ate ?
- cucur jagung, kuih kochi, 1 and half banana

[14] the last thing you heard from your parents?
- i'm living with them, i hear them babbling all the time. huhuhu.

[15] the last thing you said to your parents?
- i cant remember.

[16] the last thing you said to one of your friends?
- "act your age la.. pls". he was asking whether i have 'mamam' (makan) or not, and that pissed me off. boy, was i grumpy!

[17] the last thing you read?
- if its a book.. it will be Sidney Sheldons 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'

[18] the last person you called?
- nobody

[19] the last person who called you?
- nobody

[20] the last person who msg you?
- nobody

[21] the last person who gave you a testimonial?
- nobody

[22] the last person who messaged you on ym/msn?
- Mohd Faizul B Mohamad Heder a.k.a faizulzone

[23] the last person/s you're with?
- my family

[24] the last person you kicked?
- erm. my mum? well i didnt kick her la. i gave her a slap on the butt. i love to slap ppls butt. its my hobby! >:)

[25] the last person you think of before sleeping?
- me and my misery

[26] the last thing you're goin to do before going to sleep?
- toss and turn to get a comfortable sleeping position

[27] the last time you went shopping?
- yesterday evening

[28] what song are you listening to now?
- not listening to any music

[29] handphone brand?
- nokia 2600

[30] wat wud u do if sumone tells u he/she likes u?
- blush or simple act like I didnt hear anything

[31] where do u live?
- gombak, kl

[32] what can't you live w/out?
- food to live and cute furry animals to "cuci mate" :D

[33] what are you thinking of right at this moment?
- thinking about my misery

[34] what do you want most?
- to become a millionaire

[35] what would best describe you?
- nuts, psycho, psychic

[36] who do you hate?
- back stabbers, hipocrites etc

[37] what are you most looking forward to now?
- nothing

Survey #2

[1] introduction of yourself ?
- quiet, kejap muke masam, kejap muke ceria, moody, grumpy, crabby, will go GAGA if i see good food, loves animals, suke ckp "eei.. cutenyer" even if that thing is actually a cockroach. i consider it cute if it did something amazing.

[2] what song u are listening now ?
- dah berkurun tak dgr lagu.

[3] favourite colour
- blue, black, maroon, red.

[4] bath already ?
- i will bath for the 2nd time after this.

[5] anyone u thinking of now ?
- nope. nobody. but i AM thinking of the big fat black and white cat that crossed the road yesterday.

[6] going anywhere tomorrow ?
- nope. i will be staying at home, in front of my laptop like always.

[7] what you yearn for the most ?
- to become a millionaire so that i can just sit at home and do nothing.

[8] going out with who tomorrow ?
- nobody. refer Q[6]

[9] where did you buy most of your clothes from ?
- practically anywhere

[10] how was school today ?
- i've finished school about 5 months ago

[11] what kind of shampoo you use
- sunsilk (pink)

[12] favourite subject ?
- maths, english, database, chess, IT

[13] what subject u dislike the most ?
- history of coz.

[14] last time you fall in love
- ages ago.

[15] last movie watched ?
- deuce bigalow european gigolo

[16] last shirt worn ?
- mmu red+black t-shirt

[17] last thing u hold in your hand ?
- tv remote control

[18] last place you visited ?
- berjaya times square. to see a bunch of fat lazy cats

[19] last person you talk to ?
- my family

[20] last person you sms with ?
- i have no idea.

[21] last meal ?
- rice

[22] number of people in your family ?
- 5

[23] how many cousins you have ?
- erm. let me see. about 40-50 cousins. and thats only from my mothers side.

[24] things you do at home ?
- sleep, sitting in front of my laptop, watching tv/movie

[25] what you usually spend money on ?
- erm. cds to burn my dl-ded movies.

[26] stay at ?
- gombak, kl

[27] what you doing now ?
- doing this survey

[28] what time u fall asleep last night ?
- 3 am

[29] how many exs ?
- 1 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 2. the 2 halves were admirers and they were so obsessed i had to ditch them.

[30] last words you want to say ?
- bored as hell.



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