Monday, September 19, 2005

Internexia - the interview

Internexia - the interview

Note: for this post I will write in English as i am going to attend an English course in October (hopefully). Please do not bother to correct my English. >:)

Today I woke up at 6 am pretty early although I was still very sleepy. Sunday was full with activity. Went to ‘ceramah agama’ early morning and attending wedding late last night. After having a light breakfast, I got ready and my mom sent me to Taman Melati LRT Station. I boarded the LRT at exactly 7.30 a.m. I was really bored having to stand inside the LRT staring blankly at total strangers for about 30 minutes, and plus people were pushing. We were standing shoulder to shoulder. That’s when I thanked god for making me so tall. Taller people can breathe much easier as there are not many people sucking up the air at the same level as I am. hahahahaa. Erm. I’m starting to talk gibberish. Dieha, please stop!

There was this one guy in his late 20s kept on staring at me. I feel like poking his eyes out of its socket. Despite my right knee is aching from standing to long, i gave an empty seat which was right in front of me to an auntie. ehehehe. She smiled and even patted me on the back. I felt like a doggie. Woof woof. (only my sister and brother will understand the part about the doggie). I was not expecting this many people boarding the LRT in the early morning. The LRT which departed from Terminal Putra (which was the 1st station) was already very packed.

I reached KL Sentral LRT station at 8.00 am. had to relax at the KLIA departure area for awhile to catch my breath before going to Internexia. Internexia was on the 6th floor Block 3B in Plaza Sentral. It was right across the road from KL Sentral.

It was still early. I was 2nd to arrive at Internexia. The 1st was Diana who came all the way from Terengganu with her dad. Later another girl arrived. Her name is Nor Shaini. (Shaini = shiny?). I later found out that she was my junior from SMK Gombak Setia. What a small world. Shaini seems friendly enough. Diana on the other hand was very quiet. She is even much more quiet than me. heh!

we got to know each other while waiting for the others to arrive. As I told them I was from MMU (all subjects were taught in English), they assume I was quite good in English. so-so la kan? so Shaini elected me to be the one asking the question (or answer them) to our AngMoh (org putih) teacher if we happen to be facing any problems in class. They clearly show symptoms that they are very terrified to converse with a white man. Well, that includes me. I can speak and able to understand any type of American/English/Aussie slang but I never tried to speak to any foreigners. I just don’t have the confidence. Even when traveling overseas, I give my sister/mum/dad the honours to DO the 'speaking'.

After a few minutes passed by, one by one our new classmates came in. most of us thought today the PSMB people will only be checking our certificates. We later found out, there will be an interview and our applications are not yet confirmed. *choked* we were not suppose to ask any stupid question and we have to answer wisely. Fortunately, the PSMB people who came for this session was not as feisty as the last one. so all of us are in good hands. We were all so obedient. Only answer when asked. Shaini was the 1st to be interviewed. I was lucky number two and Diana was 3rd. It was like fate brought us together.

We didn’t know that we could actually go home straight away after being interviewed, so most of us stayed on. Suddenly, one of the staff told us there is 3 people who is trying to finish up their ice breaking activity. They were each given a sheet of paper with 9 hobbies/interest of question form. They have to ask around, only 2 questions per person and if that person answers yes, they have to sign their name under that particular hobby/interest. if the person says no, they can ask another question until they get 2 YES.

The 1st person who entered our class, was a boy. He straight away came to my side and asked me a question. As I was the 1st person to be asked, i did not really understand how this 'game' really goes. He asked me something about "love.. sleep.. change.. at nite.". His English was really poor. I didn’t understand a single word he was saying. Poor thing. The question seems to be a bit 'x-rated' to me. I’m not sure whether its just me or i heard it wrongly. I took a look at his paper, and read the question myself. it was just a glanced so I didn’t really get the question. Seeing my confused face, he continued to ask me the 2nd question. It goes like this: Do you like playing games? haa. yes yes. I have to sign under the question. Because the 1st question he asked I didn’t quite gave a reply, he can ask me another question to get the 2nd yes. 3rd question: Is your shoe size at least a 6 or 7? My shoe size is 6, so I signed under the question. He went on asking question to other people around the table. He did use English. Although it was broken English, I salute him coz he really tried hard. 'janji speaking'. Other people in the class started to giggle and laugh at him coz of his bad pronunciation.

2nd person who approached me was a girl. She cheated. She didn’t even ask me in English. All in BM. I was really strict and answer all her questions in English. 1st question was: Can you live a day without eating rice? I am not a rice person so of coz my answer would be YES. Because I said no, she can ask me 2 more questions to get a yes. 2nd question: Do you watch movies at least once a year? yeah that’s definitely a YES. I think I watch at least about 10 movies a year. i signed under the question. 3rd question: Do you think Mawi is a fantastic singer? erk. hahahha. What? My god. She didn’t even wait for my answer. She ask me to sign straight away seeing me wearing tudung and all, so she assume I was down with the tsuwami fever. I was like 'whatever' so I just signed although I felt rather offended. I prefer Amylea over Mawi. Thank god I am not one of the anti-mawi. If not that girl is going to get strangled.

The third and final person was a guy. He also cheated. Spoke in BM. he has only one question left unsigned. his question was the same as previous, about shoe size. Actually he was asking Diana at the time. Unfortunately, Diana is size 8. Sensing at his disappointment, I spontaneously told him that my shoe size is 6. His face immediately changed. He was quite happy he finally got everyone to say yes for all his 9 questions. He was gleaming and he even jumped up and down a few times. I was kidding on the last part. well he did get all his question signed. I would be happy too, if I was in his shoes.

And then it triggered me. I looked at Shaini. Shaini looked at me. It this what we will be doing during the 1st few days of training? Wah! It will definitely be an interesting activity. Although I figure out the question on shoe size will be the hardest as no one have at least a 6/7 shoe size except for me. Can I ask 'myself' the question?

i reached home at 10.40 am. Serene messaged me and I told about the training I applied. She seems interested so I gave the url for Skim Latihan Graduan (SLG). From the SLG website, I search the entire training centre located in KL. And that was when I noticed something funny. I could not believe my eyes. I just realized there was one training centre very near to my house. It was just few metres away from my house. If I had knew earlier, I would apply there instead. And I can just walk to class. The NEW training centre in Tmn Harmonis which before was a resort, known as Ujana Resort.

Anyway, I am quite happy with my training centre at KL Sentral. Although I still feel weird seeing Inaz working there and acting all grown up. :P (bile nak panggil inaz as akak inaz nih? cik inaz ke? ke cik nurul? boleh kan? kua kua kua)

this is the training centre near my house:


Contact EN AZIZ AZIMULLAH at 03-61868078 / 03-61869224

Courses offered:
- Certificate In English Language(ELC)
- Certificate In Executive Development (ED)
- Certificate In Entrepreneurship

P.s: will be blogging about the wedding reception I went on Sunday later!



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