Friday, August 26, 2005

Things you never knew about Dieha (Part 1)

Things you never knew about Dieha (Part 1)

  1. She never had measles and chicken pox before. If you happen to have measles or chicken pox, please stay away from her.

  2. She is an acrophobia. Acrophobia is a severe fear of heights. She avoids hanging bridges, cable cars etc

  3. Electricity loves her so much. She has been electrocuted 3 times and now has the ability to transfer jolts of electricity to other people near her. She is also sensitive to any electric equipment and metal objects. E.g. Trolleys at Carrefour tend to give her jolts of electricity from time to time. The maximum number of jolts received while handling a trolley is about 17 times.

  4. She is allergic to Sulfur. Once she was down with a high fever and the doctor gave her a bottle of antibiotics to finish. After gulping down half of the medicine, her lips swells up.

  5. She was in a road accident in 2001. Dieha and four of her friends were going to Midvalley Megamall to settle their project on GSC. On the way there, the car’s gear shaft broke and the driver lost control of the car. The car swerved a few times before flipping over and rolled across the highway. Three of her friends who were at the back of the car, suffered from minor bruises. Meanwhile, the driver had a fractured wrist, and Dieha suffered from a mild head concussion and injuries on her arm due to broken glasses. The accident caused a massive traffic jam.



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