Friday, July 29, 2005

Eggs: Personality Test

Eggs: Personality Test

Did you know that how you eat your fried eggs reveals how you relate to other people? Which one is you? Look at the options below and select one which best describes you.

You are logical and smart. You are good at sizing up other people. You like to make friends. Be careful of a tendency to sometimes act cold or selfish. You're great at thinking up excuses when you tick somebody off! Sometimes you're a bit quick to judge, but in general you have good social skills.

You are influenced a lot by others. You find it very hard to say "No" to people, especially when you are pushed. You are sweet and caring person. Your friendships are close and you are a loyal pal. Quite often, you are taken advantage of because of your nice nature. Being giving is good, but remember to stand up for yourself.

I like to eat my yolks first! So this is me. Definately me. :(

You have very strong opinions about things. A lot of times, this causes you to disagree with other people's ideas and feelings. You question authority and it's normal for you to challenge social rules and regulations. Being forthright is great, but watch out for huring people by mistake. Others may be more sensitive than you are.



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