Sunday, March 06, 2005

Yahoo ID!

Yahoo ID!

Warning: My yahoo ID (narusegawa1907) has been hijacked. Please DO NOT accept any files from that yahoo id. The files contain VIRUS! I am currently using a new yahoo id which is adieha_leezran. Those who have my old ID please delete narusegawa1907 and add in my new yahoo id. THANK U!

Oh! sungguh sedey! i can no longer log in my yahoo msgr and not forgetting yahoomail using my old yahoo id. sad to say, byk lak kite subscribe using that email. buhuhuhuhu. uwarghh! geram nyer. rase nak gigit jer malaun yg telah menghijack yahoo id ku.

adieha_leezran was actually one of my old yahoo ID. i usually use this ID if i'm in a lab or sumthing. the weird thing is, the moment before my yahoo id was hijacked.. i was actually thinking of this ID.. adieha_leezran.. how i long to use this ID coz i kinda like the nickname. and suddenly my yahoo msgr was logged off bcoz "i was online in another location". i tried repeatedly to login but fail to do so.

so those who have me in your list.. be careful not to accept any files from "me". and please add my new id in your list coz i dont remember all your yahoo id. TQ. :( uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...



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