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i was going thru my old CDs that i have created from the past 3 years. bring back nice memories. and bad ones too. hihihi. some CDs i am very proud of, some are just so-so.

here is a list of CDs i have done so far.

2001/2002 (semester 1)
- Pasta sumthing (Interactive Info)

2002/2003 (semester 1)
- Wok Cookery: Interactive Cookbook (Interactive Info)
- Autobiography of my daddy -> "Life as a Engineer" (Interactive Info)

2002/2003 (semester 3)
- Anyaman: Seni Kraftangan Malaysia (Interactive Info)
- Typo-Graphic (Interactive Info)

2003/2004 (semester 1) *INTERNSHIP at PITM*
- Portfolio CD of PITM
- Panduan SOlat CD (Interactive Info)

2003/2004 (semester 1)
- Heredity (Game) -> DROPPED!

2004/2005 (semester 2)
- Rebus Puzzle (Game)

2004/2005 (semester 3)
- Blob the Fish (Game)

The first CD was about Pasta. I can't even remember the actual title for the CD. it wasnt my best CD. well it WAS my first. this is the only CD done in group. others are done individually. I do remember our group name, though. it was Cheese Mania. haha. what a name. how did we got that name? was it my idea? i think i am the only cheese mania in the group. for this subject, it teaches you the basic on how to use Macromedia DIrector. being a second year student, i was still in the honeymoon year. so i wasnt up to myself. i didnt quite tried my best. and guess what, after scoring 3 pointer since Alpha year (1st year) i suddenly failed this subject. sad to say it WAS NOT becoz my marks were low but becoz the lecturers "forgot" to add in the project marks. thank god i survived the supplementary exam and got at least a C to pass the subject. that got me started. i have sweared to myself to join the Digital Media (DM) majoring in the 3rd year. DM basically focuses more on creating interactive CDs. i wanted to show the lecturers that i can create CDs. good CDs!

ok back to the CD list. the 2nd CD was a cookbook CD. i was already in Digital Media major, so here i am trying to prove myself. for that semester, the whole class had to create a CD based on FOOD! yum yum! i feel hungry even thinking about the whole FOOD CD thing. everyone was suppose to come out with a particular food and execute it in CD. some did on nasik lemak, dim sum, satay, all those yummy Malaysia Food. I settle on Chinese Food. A variety of food but based on the cooking style used in chinese cooking, such as : steam, stir-fry, deep-fry, braise etc. My interactive cookbook consists of a few recipes for appetiser, main course and DESSERT! haha.. my dessert was fried bananas. it was just to use the deep-fry method to complete the basic cooking style. my appetiser was Chinese Crispy Spring Rolls, fried in shallow oil. i have 2 main course: Szechuan Chicken and Spiced Cauliflower Braised. it was fun taking photos while cooking all the food. i guess it was here i started to adopt the hobby of taking photos while i'm cooking.

next was a CD on my dad. we had to pick someone famous or infamous. i wanted to do something simple. i didnt want to be running around the city searching for a famous person. that would be tough as i am not really a friendly person. hahaha. so i pick the person that is close to me. not in terms of close relationship but, close as in proximity. my mum was my first target, but she said her life was boring. so she suggested me to do the CD on my dad. so what the heck, got loads of old photos of him wearing leather jacket looking wickedly HOT!? wow.. didnt see that coming. i have all the content, but how to potray it in design terms was hard. i was thinking of doing something hi-tech, as my dad was an electrical engineer. or maybe design like a tv screen becoz my dad previously works for RTM, TV3, NTV7, MegaTV. i finished it in time, but i wasnt really proud of the output. it was a boring CD. maybe it was bcoz that CD was about my dad. hahahaa. if it were about my mum.. that would be a different story altogether.

next CD was on Anyaman. there wasnt a theme this time. i thought and i thought what to do. and at last i remembered i did a research on Anyaman for my Art subject during secondary school. so i settled with the title Anyaman: Seni Kraftangan Melayu. this CD, i like it in terms of design. once u see it, u know was its all about. all u see is tikar mengkuang and the background was a woven mat which was graphically done by me. hehe. i like this one so much. but the navigational button was a bit out of place.

next CD was Typographic. it was done for another subject under DM which was called Courseware. this was actually a group work but i did it all by myself. hahah. this is why i do not like to work in groups. i just cant wait others. so i just do my stuff and finish it myself. the theme for this CD was slick. as the title was based on TYPE and FONTS and used all the fonts i can find. this was my second CD that i am proud of. i am amazed that i can finish 2 CDs in one sem. and knowing that the other CD was actually a group project but i did it all alone.. was amazing. i didnt complain about my groupmates as my design sense and their design sense are very2 different. i wonder how am i able to work in the design industry if i keep doing all the work without waiting for others. hmmm...

next CD was done during my internship at PITM. i was lucky enough to get a place to work very near to where i stayed. the office was inside MMU itself, located in the incubator. I was assigned there with 2 other MMU students who were in Media Innovation major (also under FCM) and another student from err.. UKM? UTM? i cant seem to remember. the 1st question they ask me was, "do you know how to use flash?". i gulped as i was very terrified to get near Flash. Flash to me, at the time, was like an evil monster. i didnt know why i didnt try to use it. i do like to experiment new software. Fireworks and me works pretty well. the moment i started using Fireworks, i immediate fall in love with it. but not Flash. NOT YETt. i just cant seem to understand how it works. i was only familiar with Director at the time. so during my internship, i had to do 2 CDs. a portfolio of PITM and an islamic CD on how to pray. this was quite challenging as i have not designed any islamic CDs before. so i tried my best, did my research and give it my all. bought a few existing panduan solat CDs as reference. they were boring. too green. the designers must have think that just becoz islam is always associated with the colour green so why not make the whole interface green. yuck. looks terrible. i had to make a change. no green! i was thinking of something soothing to the eyes. something that resembles Islam. GOLD! haha. not gold-gold.. yellowish Gold. it was kinda cool. my supervisor was quite impressed with the design. the content was all up to me to decide so i scrambled a bit. i borrowed loads of books from my mummy. had to research all the solat sunat and fardhu. i learnt a lot.became a bit alim after i did this CD *wink*

next CD was Rebus Puzzle. it was my final year again, extended version. duhh! last year i was stuck with a e-learning game which was about genetics. the title was Heredity. drop the subject after i knew CHe mat will definately fail me. so here i am, in my final year. my final year.. i hope! Rebus puzzle was last semester's CD. i was the 1st to present my proposal and immediately they approve my title. everything when smoothly but my idea was limited. the game was interesting but the interface design was... blarghh. anyway. good news is, i tried out Flash MX and it was fun. if i knew Flash was so easy. i could have done better for all my previous CDs.

next CD is Blob the fish. i am still doing it now. just got back from consultation. got good comments and they approved my concept board and ideation board. had to make a few changes here and there before next consultation. this CD is very different from my previous CDs. i have never got a chance to create a CD for children. i was always stuck with CD for adults. the visual is very colourful. i like the background so much. and this is the CD with the most animations in it. all thanks to my new buddy FLASH! muahhhhsss :D

comment from cik jee during consultation class today.
cikjee: Madihah. this sem byk improvement. skang lebey rajin. last semester..hmmm... *sighed*.. why arr?

the comments above i call it.. "puji perli". 1st time, someone is able to puji and perli me at the same time. hahaha.

anyway.. my name means "YANG TERPUJI or THE PRAISED ONE" in Arabic. just wanna let u know. so any "pujian" doesnt really effect me. i dont get kembang2 just bcoz ppl puji me. maybe bcoz too many ppl puji me.. so i am now immune to all pujian. eheheheh.. >:)

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