Monday, March 28, 2005

Eating Habits

Eating Habits

1) How do you like your toast: light, medium, dark or charred ? Or… toast?!? But that’s a carb!
- i like it lightly toast. i don't like it charred.

2) When applying spreads to your toast, must they cover every square millimeter and extend right up to the edges of the toast? Or do you always leave a little margin all the way around? After all, there is more than enough real estate on a
piece of toast.
- I like it spread all the way to the edges! Yeah! The thicker the spread the better. I like the spreads almost spilling onto my fingertips. Woo-hoo…

3) Do you automatically fold the toast in half before munching down, or do you keep the toast flat and have the spreads exposed in their full luscious glory?
- Well it depends on what kind of spread is on my bread. if the spreads are gooey and thick (like peanut butter or kaya), i'll eat it flat. if the spreads has a lot of sauce (like sardines or tuna), i'll fold it in half.

4) When it comes to drinking tea or coffee, which goes in first? Milk? Sugar?
- Uhh… not a coffee or tea drinker, I’m afraid. I only drink Milo. So about 3 scoops of Milo and some coffee mate. no sugar TQ!

5) Before you chow down on an apple or pear, do you automatically try to break the stem off, or just let it stay where it is and simply ignore it?
- I wouldn't normally bite into a fruit, I would eat it cut. But yes, the stem has to be removed first. I'll ask someone to peel the skin off. :D

6) Peeling bananas: do you keep the peel attached to the tip of the fruit to keep your fingertips clean? Or… urgh! Have banana peel flopping over your hand?
- i peel the entire banana and eat it naked!

7) What’s your papaya strategy? Which part do you eat first: the head section (the part where the fruit was attached to the branch), the tail section or the middle?
- Papaya strategy? I tend to peel and then chop up my papaya into bite sized pieces.

8) Are you a “swopper” or a “stayer”? When it comes to using the fork and knife that is. Do you do the American thing, and switch the fork from hand to hand? Or are you definitely European in this sense? None of all that to-ing and fro-ing for you, thank you very much!
- I’m a “stayer” alright… although I do become a "swopper" if my right hand gets tired.

9) Staying with cutlery… do you hold your fork and spoon horizontally with the four fingers wrapped securely around the handles? Or, do you let the handle rest in the valley between your thumb and index finger, like you would a pen?
- Definitely… hold fork and spoon like a pen.

10) It’s burger and fries time! Do you always eat the fries first? Or the burger first?
- Ummm… it’s usually a few fries first… then the burger… then the fries again.

11) Pass the ketchup please. Or… heaven forbid! What scandal! Ketchup on burgers?!
- I normally like burgers plain

12) Devouring an ice cream cone… do you lick, suck or bite into the ice cream? Umm… remember, we are talking about eating an ice cream cone here…
- Lick, lick, lick and suck, suck, suck. :D

13) More sexy food… do you always chew on chocolate, or let it melt slowly and sensuously in your mouth? Or… chocolate? You feel a headache coming..
- let it melt.

14) Aahhh… the cheery beauty of a sunny-side up or over-easy fried egg… You eat around the soft yolk, carefully preserving it, and keeping it for last. Or, you tear into it, spilling its golden treasure and mixing it all up?
- i like to poke the yolk and let it spill all over the white.

15) Are you a horizontal or vertical person when it comes to bread rolls? Do you break a bread roll in half down the vertical or along the horizontal?
- normally i'll separate the bread roll until I get a long layer. eat it one layer a time. hihi. just like kuih lapis.

16) You’re all for excess: your cereal must come swimming in milk. Or, maybe you like the cereal just barely covered?
- i like my cereal swimming in milk. let it set for a while until the cereal gets soggy. then eat up the cereal with some milk in every spoonful. and slurp up all the excess milk.

17) What does it for you? Tea in a cup or mug? Juice in a glass or a mug? Or anything as long as it doesn’t leak?
- tea in a cup. juice in a glass.

18) Are you a food purist or a “hippie”? You taste one flavor at a time, you never mix the foods on your plate? Or, the more the merrier?
- Somewhere in between..

** added a new section.. "CRAVINGS". hihi. since i'm at home now, my hand is getting itchy. i want to cook lots of food. eat all my favourite food. yum yumm. hope i dont get fat when i graduate. hihihi :D

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