Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Note: This entry is not to wish anybody's birthday. And today isn't my birthday.

erm. just heard a few people singing "Happy Birthday" to somebody from cyberia tennis court. as i listen them singing tibe2 flashback ke thn 2001 (kalo tak silap la). it was my birthday. and kebetulan ade meeting RCS (Red Crescent Society aka PBSM) that nite. dekat2 nak abis meeting tu, tibe2 one of my fellow senior's, I forgot his name, told everybody in the room that today (that day la) was my birthday. I was totally shocked. And prayed hard they won’t start singing “happy birthday” to me. to my misery, seconds later they all started to sing. My face was turning red. I seriously wanted to take a paper beg and put it on my head.

so "lucky" of me, they sang “happy birthday”. It felt like it was ages for them to finish the whole song. it was a very awkward moment for me. my face showed mixed emotion. i think my mouth was like opened wide while they were singing. quite shocked, i guess. I really hate it when i'm in the centre of attention. just don't like it when everybody looks at me.. in an odd way.. and actually sang for me. though a part of me felt touched. not everybody in the room sang though. only my seniors sang. my friends didn't look quite happy. i was totally confused when i looked at their reaction. A moment i thought, is that faces of jealousy or disgust? seriously i was feeling kind of pissed seeing their reaction. I was not actually happy about the seniors acknowledging me anyway. so what's your problem?

I kept to myself about that "incident" for all this while. maybe they didn't even noticed their reactions that day. or did they? Anyway, to me it was the weirdest birthday i ever had. i dont consider those seniors as close friends, so imagining them to actually sing a birthday song.. to ME?!.. was WAY to weird.

hey. today is 19th of january. didnt notice that. no wonder i couldn't call out. my prepaid card expires on the 18th jan. back to 19th jan, there is 6 more months before my birthday. Oh gosh. i'm going to turn 23 this year. yikes! 23?? i don't feel like i'm 23 at all.

today is puasa day. could not figure out whether i should fast for ganti puasa or for sunat arafah. at last i settle on to ganti my puasa. as i had like 6 days to ganti. for bukak puasa I cooked Mushroom Pasta. thought it would take like 1 hour to get done everything, so I started cooking at 6.15. but at 6.30 i had finish cooking. maghrib was at 7.22. darn! there is about 45 minutes more before buka puasa. had to reheat the sauce again at 7.15. click here to view the pictures.

came across this web about the birthday song.interesting stuff!



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