Sunday, October 10, 2004

Truth About MMU Students

got this from Cik Maz's Blog which she got from Alin's blog. these are the truth about MMU students. kenapa? tak percaya?

1. MMU students sleep at odd hours. [Dieha: some times, I don’t sleep at all. Mate jadi cam panda bear. got cengkerang under the eyes.]

2. Last minute finish assignment. [Dieha: err.. satu pengecualian kpd makhluk yg bername Madihah. Die selalu siap awal. Tp keje tade la sehebat mane. Kui kui kui]

3. Wake up early to do online registration then sleep back after that. Heheh. [Dieha: yeah, the online registration schedule are always at odd hours. Either 9 am to 9pm which the time we go for class or 9 pm – 9 am, which is when we sleep or do other stuff. at last forgot to register.. than have to wait for another 12 hours in order to register.]

4. Everyone has Y! ID. [Dieha: True.. true. Bfore entering MMU, I didn’t know Y! msgr even existed. Been using ICQ and MSN for so long. But now.. Y! msgr RULES!!]

5. Most of us know/like/proud of Permata Dunia. [Dieha: Err.. of coz, Kak Intan yg nyanyi kan. Skang die kat mane eh? Oversea ke? Tere die nih, gubah lagu utk Anuar Zain (Keabadian Cinta).. and Innuendo (Gemawan).. I think ade a few other songs. But I’m not sure of the title]

6. We check bulletin board quite frequently?.. (you know lar, all the updates about PTPTN and the barred students list - just in case your name is there. [Dieha: Yes.. Yes. Sometimes I check the bulletin board 3-4 times a day. Especially mase nak dekat2 kuar result exam.. nak tau check result exam. selalu mmu kate date sekian2 kuar result, tp sampai ke mlm tak kuar2 agie.]

7. We enjoy anime/pc games. [Dieha: PC games YES!... but usually I just play the online games. So malas to install the game. Takut meletup my PC. anime games.. err.. not really. I prefer watching animes rather playing anime games.]

8. We don buy CD - all free mp3s. [Dieha: use to buy cassette and CDs. But now I have become tauke CD. Collected so many movies.. thousands of MP3s and video clips yg kene ban kat Msia! Hahahaha….I think if I’m living on campus, I would be very happy DL-ing stuff for the intranet server. But as I’m living outside, I have to DL from Kazaa/Limewire or Torrent. Still.. the wonders of broadband.. keeps me alive! Hahh!]

9. RSU/RSI is the fav hangout place for supper. [Dieha: ERK.. nih mesti MMU melaka nih. Nak adjust sket. ]

*9. Streetmall, Malee (dengkil) and the new Alamanda is the fav hangout place for MMU cyber students. [Dieha: SETUJUU. But I jarang2 pegi Malee.. been there only 2-3 times only. And that was ages ago. Now my hotspot is ALAMANDA!!!! kalo Streetmall.. Penang house is the best. BIG PORTION.. a bit mahal.. but i dont care about the price. ]

10. We check mail almost everyday. [Dieha: Y! msgr notify me with incoming Y! email, senang aje.. I’ll know whenever ppl sent me emails and can reply back in just a few minutes.]

11. We can actually chat via ICQ or Y! Msgr with the person sitting next to us in the lab. [Dieha: yes yes.. i dont just chat with the person sitting next to me in the lab, but also with my roommate and housemate. Pc sebelah pon nak chatting jugak. Senang tayah nak kuar sore.. taip je. hahaha]

12. We gather tips and exchange with Cyberjaya/Melaka people. [Dieha: what tips? Cannot exchange lor. Coz there is no FCM in Melaka. But still, there is several subject in FCM are from FIT/FOM subject.. we can exchange and give tips. But NOBODY does! kedekutz!]

13. When there is seminar or workshop - we dun bother to go. "Aiyaa go for what? better sleep or play games". [Dieha: sesungguh nyer saye mmg malas!!]

14. Always ter-skip 8am class. :D aiyaa what to do, cannot wake up so early maa. [Dieha: err.. TAK setuju. I always go to 8 am classes. Even I am so malas to go. I pakse jugak pegi. Unless.. the evil me takes over,.. hahaa]

15. We have a virtual community in Nexus forum to talk to each other. [Dieha: Nexus forum? The SRC punye ke? ]

16. MMU students always make the library like pasar malam. [Dieha: Noooo.. MMU cyber student very very obedient wan! ]

17. Almost all clubs have Community Zero (few I knew use Y! Group); those who don't, don't have a list. [Dieha: yeah.. betul betul]

18. Altec lansing and cambridge soundworks speakers are MMU students fav. speakers.. 8/10 pc comes wif these, another 2 is no brand. [Dieha: I oso don't care abt the brand, as long as the bunyi is clear and A.. O.K.]

19. Mee in my mug/mee cup/maggi mee is the official breakfast together with 3in1 milo/nescafe/horlicks etc. [Dieha: some more.. Quaker Oatmeal! Not only breakfast.. but.. also for lunch.. brunch.. teatime.. dinner.. supper… etc :D]

20. Upon introducing urself to someone new, u never fail to ask "wats ur number" and immediately whip out ur handphone and start saving every number. [Dieha: I thought we usually exchange Y! ID.. rather than phone number. not all mmu student have handphone la]

21. Fav word when near, during, after exam - DIE!! [Dieha: oh wow..!! very true indeed!!]

22. Some words tht u'll always hear from MMU student.." connection...server down.. assignment.. test.. exam.. die laa.. library.. pc games[dunno :P].. download wht? ..PTPTN... tips?.. no class?.. " :P [Dieha: some more… hard disk CRASH. A horror for most FCM students. All the work we did in PC.. ALL GONE.. uwaaa. ]

23. MMU student love the word "server down" so much that they even say server down even if their own network cable is unplugged.. [Dieha: another word.. "LAGGING"]

24. We always get full or near full marks for assignments and projects and only we ourselves knew how we did it... (wut else... copy la!!) [Dieha: tak setuju tak setuju.. tak baik meniru. Kalo dpt markah tinggi sbb meniru..tade makne nye!. U will feel much proud-er if u answered all the questions yourself and then get high score.. :P ]

25. We rush into labs whenever course registration or stand in queue as long as the train to take exam slip during the first hour of opening... and after a while, there will be no ppl around lining up or rushing into labs... [Dieha: I will be there when there's no people. hate to line up laa! ]

26. Only MMU guards check our car boots... never elsewhere in the country, if not the world. [Dieha: yeah. The pakgud in cyber are sooo weak. Every day check boot still cannot close in one try. Have to try to close the boot 6-8 times. Makgud is very2 strong.. sekali hempap dah close tightly. Ape la. Laki lembik ke? Better close only one time.. then having them to hempap so many times, until the boot gets loose and rosak.. huhuhu]

27. Our notes are all lecture notes/online notes and some even say space (now is MMLS).. textbooks are just to show we are extra rajin; how many of us actually read the textbook, or even open it? [Dieha: Yes! Textbook... usually borrow from seniors and then make several copies and sell to others!! Hahaha. But sometimes don’t even use the textbook. Still new and not a scribble in sight]

28. Every hour, u can see long queue at Bumiputra ATM, Melaka or Cyber... and elsewhere, if u see a teens queueing up at Bumi ATM, u can half be sure they are MMU student.. the other majority of MMU student have Maybank accout.. [Dieha: I have both… BCB and Maybank accounts. Had to withdraw from maybank using the BCB atm (MEPS) coz… BCB account got no money.. PTPTN tak masukkan duit lagi.]

ehehe.. so if you fulfill all these standards, you'll graduate from MMU dengan cemerlang. haha!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ko mebbe tak dpt dean list..
sbb kalo nak dpt dean list kene ade 9/10 credit hour..

12:30 pm, October 12, 2004  
Blogger adieha said...

huhuh.. betul ke? sedey sedey

12:36 pm, October 12, 2004  

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