Thursday, October 21, 2004

Crazy Phone

Crazy Phone

just now i was about to set my handphone alarm to 4.45 am. but suddenly, handphone became crazy. display die jadik terbalik. i mean like mirror effect, u know? so everything was like reflected. so cam terbalik la rupe tulisan die. even the button pon terbalik jugak la. here's how my phone looks like.

i didnt panic though. coz i nih kekadang mmg tade perasaan sket. so lepas puas amik gamba sebagai bukti, kite pon switch off hp and switch it back on. and... the display is back to normal. :D
sblm hp wat hal camtuh, actually i was doing my text animation pakai SwishMax. and kebetulan ade this one text, i have to do it terbalik (mirror effect). lepas je abih letak effect animation seme, tibe2 pulak hp saye terbabit skali.. haha. pelik bin ajaib. die pon dah "ter-edit" skali kot.

ini la salah satu Rebus Puzzle
utk final projek kite. reti tak solve kan? ehehe.



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