Friday, September 24, 2004

My FYP minor project

seperti kite dah bitau semlm, for my FYP (minor) project kite kene wat pasal games. sblm nih kite mmg tak dpt nak carik name word picture puzzle nih, tp smlm selepas berhempas pulas surf internet.. terjumpe la name puzzle tersebut. name puzzle tersebut ialah Rebus Puzzle. bukan pronounce cam "telur rebus" tp ree-burst. okke?

definition Rebus from OXFORD advanced learner’s dictionary
Rebus: a puzzle in which a word or phrase has to be guessed from pictures or diagrams representing the letters or syllables in it

nih saye sharekan file pasal Rebus Puzzle dlm format MS Excel. Right click dan Save as target as ok? sape leh jwp seme 30 soalan... mmg genius.

ni pulak My Proposal pasal game nih:
Project Title : “Lost in Translation”
Category : Games Design
Target Audience: Age 15 to 20 years old.
Game About:
A single player game which requires user to solve a puzzle in which a word or phrase has to be guessed from pictures or diagrams representing the letters or syllables in it.
Game Summary:
Each level has 5-10 word puzzles which has to be solved within a certain amount of time. Users have to type in the answer in the answer box and click the ‘submit’ button to know whether the answer is correct/wrong. Scores are calculated to show how many word puzzle are correctly solved. Each correct guess scores 1 point, incorrect guess scores no points. If fail to answer a word puzzle, the user may proceed to the next puzzle. They may change their answer as many time as they want until they are satisfied. User may click on the ‘Hint’ button to help them answer the puzzle. If they are unable to “translate” the word puzzle, they may ‘exit’ the level to view their total score. After each round, a summary of a level will lists out the correct answers for all word puzzle (showing the ones answered correctly / incorrectly). The total score accumulated in each level will also be displayed.
Goal: To test a player creative-thinking in ‘translating’ the word puzzles.
Final Product: Word Picture Puzzle Game (CD/DVD)

So dipkkan ape yg nak diletakkan dlm game nih? scripts2 yg perlu dicarik dan interface design utk game.
here is my "What to do list":-
- Script : timer, score, highscore, textbox, submit button show result
- game interface
- collection of Rebus Puzzle
- character design for mascot for game
- definition of Rebus
- suitable visual

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