Thursday, September 16, 2004

exam result are out!!

OMG. I cannot believe then and i still cannot believe it now. Baru je lepas check result. And guess what did i get? nak paste result kat sini, tapi taleh lak. ade masalah nak paste image.

Chess = grade A
yg nih saye tak heran sbb paper final mmg senang, senang bagi kitela. slps belajar siang mlm, akhirnye i found out chess theory & strategy wasnt that hard at all.

Database System = grade A+
this one on the other hand, mmg tak percaye. alhamdulilah. (nak sujud syukur jap) mungkin sbb i got the highest mark for mid term exam and also i got the highest coursemark in class, pasal tu dpt A+ bcoz i was leading all the way. tp mmg tak konfiden dpt A bcoz final paper was really hard. 60% plak tuh. anybody can beat me for final exam. a couple of question agak confusing, tak paham.. tp buat jugak.. just in case bernasib baik terjwb betul ke.

so kesimpulannya...

GPA = 4.00
CGPA = 3.01 (berjaye naikkan sbyk 0.3 to get to this point)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Epan > wahhh.. omedeto naru senpai~ keep up the good work for next sem too.. che mat beware :D

4:53 pm, September 17, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

abah> ngaaaaaaa tayang result GPA 4 flat...kena banjer epan ngan abah makang nih..wahahaahha..taniah senpai... erkk naik sem jumper che mat erkk...ngaaaa dah rasa aura che mat? kekekekeke....:D

9:17 pm, September 17, 2004  
Blogger adieha said...

eheh.. dah 1st time dpt 4 flat, mesti kene tayang.. muahahahah >:)

11:49 pm, September 17, 2004  

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