Monday, April 21, 2014

Mysterious Cat

Kucing ni pengunjung tetap rumah saya. Tatau la kucing jiran yang mana satu, tapi tiap-tiap hari muka dia mesti ada. Yang peliknya, saya tak penah dengar pon dia meow mahupon purr. Dia ni jenis tak mesra alam sket. Saya tegur dia buat tatau aje, selalu buat muka seposen. Sombong! Nak sentuh memang taleh, sapa-sapa datang dekat sket dia akan terus lari. Dia pon bukan jenis yang akan datang dekat, suruh orang usap, pestu pusing-pusing kat celah kaki orang macam kucing-kucing lain. First time saya jumpa kucing yang introvert.

Rumah saya ni kira macam R&R la, ada kemudahan toilet dan tempat berteduh untuk kucing-kucing taman ni. Tapi makanan tak disediakan. Mungkin la, in the future akan sediakan makanan sekali. Bagi makanan kat binatang, murah rezeki. :P

Kucing ni hari-hari datang rumah saya buat benda yang sama. Dia ada rutin harian tau. Jangan main-main.

pagi selepas subuh (masih gelap) : bertenggek atas kereta
bila dah cerah sket : lepak atas rumput
bila hari makin panas : lepak kat tempat teduh
petang-petang : bertenggek atas tunggul pokok
waktu maghrib : bertenggek atas kereta

tempat favourite : duduk atas timbunan tikar, sambil teman saya sidai kain dan angkat kain. wahahaha. :))

aktiviti favourite : kejar burung / tupai / rama-rama. tido bawah kain jemuran, sambil kuis-kuis kain jemuran.

Kalo korang tengok bebetul, kat badan dia ada pattern bentuk LOVE. :D

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My Crizal Forte UV Lenses by Essilor

note: this post was long overdue. happened about a month ago. :P

It is about time to get new pair of prescription glasses as I had been carrying mine for almost three years.Three years would be the longest I've gone without changing my glasses. I have been eyeing to try out Crizal Forte UV Lenses by Essilor after reading a review done by Plus Size Kitten about a year ago. And not forgetting the dust test and oil test they did HERE.

I was waiting for the feeling of dizziness (most probably due to a significant power difference between my current eyeglasses, which meant my power has gone down or increased) in order to buy a new pair. I started feeling dizzy on the 7th of March 2014. This time I definitely know what type of lenses I wanted.

Crizal Forte UV Lenses is ultra-efficient in defeating the 5 enemies of clear vision:
1. Glare/Reflection
2. Scratches
3. Smudges
4. Dust
5. Water
... and not forgetting UV ray and fog! There's also an option to add in transition.

Just look at their TV advert. Don't tell me you're not impressed. :P


So the following day, I went to my usual spot where I always make my glasses. I did visit them a few weeks before to ask whether they carry Essilor lenses, and fortunately they did, I told them I'll come visit them again when the time comes. :P

I did the eye test, then proceed in selecting a new frame. I'll always choose the same solid black half rectangle frame that suit my face the best. Didn't think anything shiny would look good on me, so matte frames is the safest option. After trying a few pairs, I settled on Goggles frame; it was the lightest, most flexible frame out of the bunch. It doesn't hurt my ears and nose when I tried it on.

Crizal Forte UV lenses with transition ~ RM 780
Goggles frame ~ RM 300
Total = RM 1080

I received my new glasses after a week. Here it is!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Adieha's Baked Macaroni (Spicy Version)

I've made quite a few versions of Macaroni dishes. You can view all the recipes here - Macaroni Recipes.

Today I'm sharing the spicy version of Baked Macaroni.

This recipe serves 2 to 4 people, fit into one 3" x 9" baking dish.


Stage 1: Pasta
100 g Macaroni
1/2 onion (sliced)
1 small fried chicken (shredded)
3 pcs of chicken cocktail sausage (diced into cubes)
5-8 pieces of curry leaves
1 red chilli (finely sliced)
garlic powder ~ optional
cayenne powder ~ optional
salt and pepper
1 tbsp of oil

1. Cook the macaroni until al dente. Cool the cooked macaroni under cold water. Drain and side aside.
2. In a small pan, heat some oil. Saute the onions until soften. Cook the chicken sausage. Add in shredded chicken, curry leaves, and sliced chilli. Season with garlic powder, cayenne powder, salt and pepper. Side aside to cool.
3. In a same pan (off the stove), mix the pasta with all the cooked ingredients from #2. Mixed them together.
4. Transfer to your baking dish. I'm using 3" x 9" rectangular ramekins.

Stage 2: Sauce
100 ml of fresh milk (use prego carbonara's tin)
1 tbsp of prego mushroom pasta sauce
2 tbsp of mayonnaise
2 whole eggs
100 g of shredded mozzarella cheese
garlic powder ~ optional
cayenne powder ~ optional
salt and pepper

1. Mix all the ingredients listed above together.
2. Pour the sauce over the pasta.
3. Top of with a little bit more shredded mozzarella cheese.

Stage 3: Bake
1. Make sure to preheat the oven at 60°C during Stage 1. :P
3. Bake them at 180°C oven for 1 hour. The first half an hour; cover with aluminium foil to cook through. The second half an hour; bake until top is golden brown.
4. Serve hot!


ready to be eaten!

baked to perfection.

The curry leaves has taken this dish to a whole other level. Just the right amount of flavour and spiciness. The curry leaves were actually leftovers from Nasi Kukus Ayam Dara, same goes to the fried chicken. The pasta were leftover pasta from Macaroni with Tomato Soup.

I was quite surprised that I was able to eyeball the exact ingredients for the sauce. It was exactly the right amount to fit in the baking dish, and the taste was perfect. The mayonnaise also made the dish extra creamy.

Probably should give this recipe a more appropriate name - Makaroni Bakar Campak-Campak Aje, as I was simply finding leftover ingredients in the fridge and adding it to this dish. :P

Definitely going to make this again!

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